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We're continually working to improve Giza for YOU. The operation of Giza depends on generous donations like yours. If you're getting value out of the community, please consider any size gift.

So far, this past year, we have:

  • Overhauled the website look and feel
  • Moved to faster hosting, then upgraded to even FASTER hosting!
  • Created Social/Community Features Allowing Any Free Subscriber or Paid Member to Interact
  • Started providing MP3s of Dialogues to Members
  • Provided an INCREDIBLE amount of content hand-written or recorded by Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
  • Produced an amazing number of books, events, collaborative podcasts and shows
  • Been amazingly responsive on Facebook and in Post Comments
  • Hosted multiple live video chats per month, in varying time zones!
  • Generally kicked no end of 'ass' on Genetic Modification, Bankster Shenanigans, and Transhumanist Ballyhoo!

If that's worth something to you, or if you find value in it, Dr. Farrell would deeply appreciate your generous gift to help us continue growing. Cheers!

Enjoy the site, and reach out to someone in the community while you're here.

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