August 20th, 2014
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New Members Area Audio x7

The latest batch of Dialogues is live and placed in the Members’ AUDIO section, instead of Members Video, because some portions are audio only. This represents recovered material that you otherwise would not hear, and would be lost forever to the dustbin of technical exigencies. Rescued and presented for you in the MEMBERS AREA on Giza. Topics include Militarization, Energy Beams, Space Technologies, The Downed Malaysian Jet over Ukraine, World Revolutions & False Flag Operations, and What’s Behind the Identity Theft Trend. Enjoy!


Many of you have written requesting my thoughts and impressions of the Secret Space Program conference at which I had the honor of being invited to speak. The speakers’ rostrum included Mark McAndlish, Michael Schratt, Dr. Carol Rosin, former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (during the Administration of G.H.W. Bush), Catherine Austin Fitts,[More...]


This comes from a regular reader here, Ms. P.H., and given today’s blog about Russian attempts to build a Tesla wireless transmitter, it is worth mentioning. It seems that HAARP’s closure is being delayed… HAARP closure postponed until 2015


Back home from the Secret Space Program Conference. PLEASE bear with me folks, for all of you asking about the vidchats. I STILL have the company coming AFTER the conference, and as SOON as I AM ABLE, I will post the new schedule for vidchats. We will most likely have a vidchat on Friday July[More...]

Newest 5 Members Only Videos

5 New Member Videos, comprising 95 minutes of material, is now live in the Member’s Area. Check out the latest topics: Dialogues 211 – The Pope and Space Alien Baptism – 16min Dialogues 212 – Martians and the Evangelical Impulse – 27min Dialogues 213 – Redacted Malaysian Flight Satellite Data – 15min Dialogues 214 –[More...]

New Member Videos – 210 episodes to-date

6 New Member Videos are out, covering Islamic Militancy, Cyber Warfare, The New Space Race, Russian Military Activity, Mars Lights, GMO Nanobots, The Malaysian Airliner (still missing), and 9/11 Earmarks of “something up”. A nice set of videos, bringing the member video segments/episodes to 210 to-date!