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we’re¬†seeing (across the web) a lot of hacking attempts using the same (pretty lame but still effective over enough sites) methods. So we’ve installed new security measures in the site. Please let us know (via a standard support ticket -…[More…]

Outage Today

Giza experienced outages at our server/host level today. It was not the web site, but something farther up the chain – perhaps an issue with the host or a chunk of the internet. This can happen, and you still experience…[More…]

5 New Member-Only Videos

5 New Videos are in the Members’ Area – including one on chem trails, where Dr. Farrell discusses this topic for perhaps the first time. But also artificial intelligence and non-local consciousness, and what really happened to Marilyn Monroe? Enjoy,…[More…]

Do You Have an Avatar?

Is your avatar (your commenter photo/image) on Giza a pre-determined cartoon? That can feel like life, sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be that way – at least on Giza. To customize your appearance as a commenter, visit and…[More…]