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ABOUT: the premium members area for Dr. Joseph P. Farrell's web site, Giza Death Star (.com)

The members area is a way of continuing to engage regular (non-member) site visitors, while making it possible to sustain delivering added value for those that want to become site members and find the events and extra material useful.

EXCLUSIVE MEMBERS ONLY CONTENT: The members area will provide a host of content, updated frequently, related to the many topics in Dr. Farrell's books, as well as live events featuring Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, in which you the members may participate, and which are limited exclusively to you. Exclusive features may include:

MEMBERS ONLY VIDCHATS: (live virtual events)

  • Live Video Presentations
  • Video Q&A Text Chat Sessions (following Presentations) - these are town hall style open forums with Dr. Farrell (bring your questions - similar to call-in internet radio shows)
  • Recorded Versions or Excerpts Posted Regularly (in case you miss)
  • Periodic Members-Only Webinars or Special Events with Dr. Farrell (live sessions with YOU the members only) - to be announced


  • Members-Only Videos & Exclusive Interviews with Dr. Farrell (on current events, book topics, and esoterica)
  • The More Controversially Delicate "Fireside Chat" Videos
  • Other Special Requests & Apocrypha (such as Dr. Farrell's musical compositions)


  • Special White Papers on Sensitive Topics
  • Members Only Blog Posts & Other Content (feel free to make suggestions)
  • Supplemental Diagrams or Materials


  • Special Shared Podcasts
  • Special Presentations

ANYTHING ELSE WE CAN THINK OF: we're working on other possible ideas, such as:

  • Audio readings of chapters of Dr. Farrell's existing books
  • Ebook sample chapters or draft excerpts from forthcoming ebooks
  • Audio sample chapter or draft readings of forthcoming ebooks
  • Visual presentations (powerpoint-style, mindmap, diagrams, etc) of book-related concepts
  • Webinars (audio-visual presentations in power-point style)
  • Additional unofficial apocryphal book chapters (supplemental to existing books)
  • Live panel discussions with guests
  • Talkback shows where you (via mic or webcam) express your views
  • As Members, you have the opportunity to suggest topics, content, formats, or contributions that Dr. Farrell could add to the members area of Giza Death Star - we're very open to suggestions

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