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Terms of Service (TOS)

Acceptance: Use of the members area of Giza Death Star constitutes agreement to the Terms of Service (TOS). All use of the members only area must be in accordance with these terms. If at any time you do not consent to the TOS, you must unsubscribe from the site and are not permitted to use subscriber or member features further.

Member Payment Provisions

  • Paypal: Giza Death Star does not support paypal account issues - we don't have any direct access to your Paypal account. Paypal support must do that.
  • Refund Policy: To help keep management and overhead costs low, no refunds can be issued for any reason. However, you can cancel at any time, and not be billed further.
  • Cancellations: Cancellations are handled within paypal itself and supported by paypal. You can log in to your paypal account and access your "recurring payments" to cancel. Unofficially, there is a cancellation button in the members area on our site, but it simply takes you to paypal to cancel.

Subscriber, Member, and Commenter Conduct Provisions

The Giza Death Star digital community has been created for the purposes of providing entertainment on multiple user levels - there are paid and non-paid levels. Regardless of subscription or membership level or status, by participating in this community, or by voluntarily submitting material or ideas to it, you agree that you understand and are bound by all of these policies, disclaimers and use terms. You are agreeing that the owners and moderators of this community make no claims to the accuracy of information provided by other users, and have no liability for situations that may arise from the actions of those individuals. You are furthermore agreeing that you are liable for any situations that may arise from your own actions.

The Giza Community does not guarantee that it will publish any member or user's comments on the site. By participating in the Community, you acknowledge and agree that Giza may choose to publish or refrain from publishing whatever it wishes for any reason it may be inclined.

The managers of the Giza Community have the right to delete offensive material, and, in cases where a person insists upon being offensive, to ban that person from the community. Things that may result in deleted characters or material, or banning, include, but are not limited to:

* Race-demeaning remarks
* Excessive profanity
* Excessively explicit sexual language
* Personal sexual harassment
* Religious persecution
* Ongoing inflammatory remarks that serve no substantial purpose other than to antagonize another person
* Actions aimed at testing the limits of what is not offensive & seem to serve no other purpose
* Soliciting or advertising without the owners' permission
* Posting other people's personal information without their express permission
* Defamation
* Actions aimed at causing a technical problem for the system
* Vastly excessive posting or "flooding" of the comment system
* Posting links to locations which violate any of the use terms
* Any other action that, at the sole discretion of the community's Owners, is deemed offensive

  • While we recognize that in any news and opinion discussion site, and there's latitude for a variety of differences of perspective opinion, and interepretation of reality, you may not blatantaly antagonize people in the course of expressing yourself.
  • By using or participating in this community in any way, you agree not to be abusive towards any person using this server. You agree not to perform any actions, which cause any of the provided examples of potentially offensive behavior, nor to intentionally harass or abuse anyone in any way we might not have thought to list here. You also agree not to create, send or distribute abusive or harassing emails, instant messages or any other medium, of electronic or physical nature, with the intent to offend or abuse any real person in any manner related to this community or anyone's use thereof.
  • We do not allow any depictions of child pornography, or any depictions of children in sexual situations, not even in a fictional sense on the server, website and chatroom. We do not allow any use of this server, website and chatroom to link to child pornography or to facilitate child pornography in any way, real or fictional. Depictions, for the purposes of this rule, include but not necessarily limited to text-based descriptions, written portrayals and any visual representation. Anyone caught depicting such material will be banned from this server without further warning.
  • We reserve the right to share any and all information transmitted to us or this server, website, and chatroom with legal authorities or law enforcement officials, as well as with an offender's internet service provider. You agree that we have permission to share information in this manner. While we're certainly not interested in doing this, if you commit a crime using our server, we may act to protect the community in cooperation with law enforcement.
  • By submitting your material, you agree that we are free to electronically store, copy, retrieve, delete, restrict, alter, record, distribute, process, manipulate, or use the information you submit in any way deemed necessary, at the sole discretion of the owners, to maintain the operation of the community.
  • Information, material, comments or ideas shall be considered "submitted" to the community if they are submitted to any server, archive, storage medium or person in any way which relates to the community, even if said submission actually occurs through servers or methods controlled and/or owned by entities other than this community's owner. These include, but are not limited to Facebook, electronic communication groups, forums, usenet, e-mail, web sites, and any other medium by which community participants might exchange ideas about this community.
  • User accounts whose email addresses are determined to be false or invalid will be removed from the database without warning upon discovery. We will not distribute these email addresses to anyone in any way except as deemed necessary to ensure the continued operation of the community or to cooperate with legal authorities.
  • Community participants may not advertise or solicit on this server. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, promotion of goods or services other than those offered by this community's owners, promotion of or recruiting for alternative chats or internet sites or services which might be construed as competing with this community; and promotion of any peer-to-peer file exchange service or software.
  • By using or participating in this community in any way, you agree that you will not seek to ruin other user's enjoyment of the community. You agree that you will be respectful towards all participants involved in this community and adhere to the policies as outlined in the Terms of Service.
  • You agree that you will not electronically store, copy, retrieve, alter, distribute, process or manipulate any images or text from this community or the web sites related to this community for use on your own web site or any other web site not related to this community without the express written permission of the Site Administrator.
  • You agree that you will not hold the Owners liable for any damage caused to/by you or your property by participating in this community. This includes and is not limited to any act committed by you that is depicted on this community.
  • You understand that, as a matter of course, we keep system logs of all posts made in the community. These are kept for as long as needed and no request to remove a system log from the server will be accepted and/or acted upon without the express consent of the Site Administrator
  • You are solely responsible for any and all actions attributed to your user account. You are encouraged to maintain your private passwords, and not to divulge said passwords to any party, including other users.
  • You agree that there is no obligation to refund a 'remainder' of any monthly membership fee, should you be banned for obnoxious or abusive behavior. Monthly fees are not pro-rated or broken down into partial months. If the owners do elect to refund a fee, it is limited to the most recent month, and will not include previous months.

Giza Death Star and its owners reserve the right to update the Terms of Service (TOS) at any time, without notice.