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For an optimal support experience:

  1. Before Opening a Support Ticket: Please check the [Support F.A.Q.] for an answer. It helps keep our support burden to a minimum and avoids duplication of issues.
  2. Web Site Issues: always try the same task in a different browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari). If it still fails, try a different computer/device (laptop/tablet/etc).
  3. Get Details: Be as specific and detailed as possible (dates related to payment or exact error message, etc).
  4. Paypal Payment Issues: Giza Support cannot access your Paypal account. Issues funding it from your bank/card require you to contact Paypal support.
  5. Live Broadcasts: During a live broadcast, if you need an immediate solution, try viewing the broadcast in an alternate browser - e.g. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.