August 1, 2006 By Joseph P. Farrell

Readers familiar with my Giza Death Star Trilogy will recall that I speculate on a scenario that some sort of weapon was deployed, utilizing the longitudinal wave structure of the medium, that blew up the now missing planet - Krypton, to give it its nineteenth century astronomical name - and that this catastrophe became the source for much of the massive geological evidence for planetary destruction on Mars and to a lesser extent on Earth.
Others have come to similar conclusions that an actual war may have been the cause of the planet's destruction. For example, Richard Hoagland has speculated on occasion on the Coast to Coast AM program, that a war may have been involved. Recently, however, I came across an interesting book by Mac Tonnies entitled After the Martian Apocalypse(Paraview Pocket Books, 2004), in which he states:

"I suggest that Van Flandern's Exploded Planet Hypothesis makes sense only if one is willing to entertain a nonnatural explanation. Of course, this is heretical on several levels, as the explanation must somehow encompass the presence of potential artifacts on Mars as well as a presumed high-tech culture on Mars's erstwhile parent.
"Strangely, the revelatory climax from Eando Binder's Puzzle of the Space Pyramids comes to mind. In Binder's novel, the asteroid belt was formed by a focused gravity assault that harnessed the energy of the enitre solar system. The pyramids of the title were essentially gravity generators used to manipulate spacetime." (p. 52)

While it is intriguing that Binder's fictional speculations as to the physics behind such a weapon are similar to my own, I find it even more interesting that people involved with these questions appear to be coming to similar conclusions, though via different routes. What is needed is a full analysis of geological data and the available photographic evidence to determine if any of the artifacts themselves show evidence of possible deliberate destruction. To my knowledge, the only one who has suggested this is Hoagland, in his analysis of photos of the D&M pyramid on Mars in the fifth edition of his famous book The Monuments of Mars.

Stay tuned. This could get very interesting....!