October 25, 2006 By Joseph P. Farrell

Over the past few months I've appeared on some radio talk shows and once or twice in those shows' dedicated chat rooms, discussing my books. One question that seems to recur whenever I am interviewed about my Weapon Hypothesis for the Great Pyramid is, Does it still work? Could it be reactivated by someone? or variations on that theme.

Usually my answer on those occasions has been something like this: "No, for the simple reason that many of the internal components of the machine/weapon are missing, either through removal or destruction." That, unfortunately, is the short answer, the sort of answer one gives under the time constraints of talk shows.

The "long answer" is somewhat different, and answering it requires the care of a soldier or warship negotiating a cunningly laid mine field. And like everything else in the Weapon Hypothesis, it is a highly speculative answer. In a nutshell, what remains of the Great Weapon at Giza, the current Great Pyramid, is but a shell, a part of that awesome and very ancient machine. As Dunn and I have pointed out, it is naturally resonant to the Schumann cavity resonance of the earth. This means that, in some sense, it is still functioning.

Since it stands, like many other megalithic structures, at a crucial "nodal" point on the well-known "world grid", we may speculate a bit as to what sorts of functions it may still be exhibiting. Recall that noted scientist and inventor Buckminster Fuller performed a series of experiments with balloons in water, balloons which had been coated with special paints. These were then submerged in water tanks and bombarded by waves of various frequencies, with the result that certain interference patterns arose on the surface of the balloons, patterns much like the celebrated "world grid". The patterns were caused by the standing waves set up in the water and balloons, suggesting that a similar "standing wave" phenomenon might underlie the phenomenon of the world grid. If so, we then recall the similar experiments of Tesla to establish whether or not the earth itself was capable of sustaining such standing waves. The answer, of course, was yes, but this raises the problem: standing waves require regular and regulated input of pulses in order to establish them. Could this be one surviving function of the Pyramid? Possibly, but no known mechanism currently exists in the structure to indicate it might be the source of such standing waves and their resulting grid patterns on the earth's surface.

But the shell of the machine is still there, and if various reports of people who have visited it are true, it is still doing something, from interferring with electrical equipment on airplanes, to giving off pale blue glow in some conditions, to giving people strange states of consciousness and "visions" (only recall Napoleon Bonaparte's strange visitation to the structure, an experience he refused to talk about).

This last reported phenomenon - that of having altered emotions or states of consciousness - might itself be a clue to one ongoing function. As I outline in the third book of the Giza Death Star trilogy, The Giza Death Star Destroyed, one aspect of the type of "scalar" physics it might have utilized would have involved a heavy reliance or influence upon consciousness. No less than Lt. Col. Tom Bearden (US Army, Ret), and long-time proponent and researcher of "scalar" physics, has indicated the strong connection to consciousness of this type of physics, and the ability of scalar physics to effect and/or alter various states of consciousness and biological well- or ill-being. This is highly speculative, to be sure, but it is worth mentioning: might all the reports of "channeled messages" and "higher consciousness" that so often make the rounds in alternative literature stem not from some exotic, "extra-terrestrial" or even "spiritual" source, but from a far more mundane, though no less exotic, a terrestrial source? Might it stem from the shell of an ancient machine and weapon, still quietly functioning in ways we can scarcely imagine?

As for reactivating the machine and restoring it to its ultimate planet- and region-busting potential, the short answer remains: No, it is not possible, unless its original builders, or someone who had preserved their original knowledge and technological sophistication, were to reconstitute its missing components, reinstall them, and refurbish the Pyramid itself to its original state. (My thanks to Sesh Heri, and to Kelly K. for bringing some of these points to my attention.)