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October 14, 2006 By Joseph P. Farrell

....ok ok... I've had three emails from various people asking me if I plan to write any more alternative research/history books, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to answer via a blog, in case there are others out there who may be tempted to write and ask the same thing. Please understand, everyone, that I get tons of email now, and simply can't answer everyone individually any more. So when I get a sufficient number of emails on a topic or a question, I'll try to answer them here. Fair enough?

The answer to the inquiries is yes, I do plan on writing more books in this field. Currently I am working on four books in the following areas (sorry folks, I can't afford to be more specific right now):

(1) "Atlantis"
(2) NASA'S "Hidden Space Program"
(3) The Hidden History of Suppressed Physics and Technologies
(4) Conspiracy and Secret Societies

All of these things might well appear to be unrelated, but readers of my previous books will know that I tend to "interconnect" their themes and plan things out over a long range scheme. These will be no different, though for various reasons the current books are much more difficult to compose carefully.

As for the specifics, I've begun roughing out each of the above four books, and have already written two chapters for one of them. All of them have working titles, and I have fairly settled on the titles for two of them.

Hope this helps, and thanks for the inquiries everyone!