March 6, 2007 By Joseph P. Farrell

As you know, I've been following the articles written by Steven Greer, M.D. in Nexus magazine. The most recent installment, in volume 14, No. 2 (March-April 2007, pp. 55-61) contains some interesting allegations and observations.
At the top of this list of allegations is Greer's observation that many "alien abductions" appear to be centered around or near military bases(p. 55), an observation that I also heard from author and UFOlogist Whitley Strieber when I was a guest on his Dreamland radio show last fall. Personally, I am inclined to accept Greer's contention that at least some "abduction" cases are staged events hosted by the military, often on victims who themselves have some connection to the military. It is Greer's contention that the purpose of these abductions is "to do exactly what Wernher Von Braun warned about: to prepare people for an eventual false threat from outer space that would 'unite the world' around a new level of centralised military-industrial-economic power." (p. 55) Greer refers, of course, to the affadavit of Von Braun associate, Dr. Carol Rosin, which is one of the testimonies contained in his Disclosure project, and which has formed a central part of my two books on Nazi secret weapons, Reich of the Black Sun and The SS Brotherhood of the Bell. More about that subject in a moment.
In any case, the implications of Greer's observation-cum-allegation is clear: the militaries of the world's great powers - with the USA presumably leading the pack - are conducting psychological operations of truly long-range nature, considering that the abduction phenomenon has been around since at least the end of World War Two, in its "contactee" variant.
Greer maintains further that these programs are conducted in conjunction with secret black projects that have been around"from the turn of the last century and World War I!"(p. 56) And of course he mentions the usual suspects in this regard: Tesla, Thomas Townsend Brown, and even has a brief mention of Faraday! (p. 56) Those who would attempt to blow the lid off this secretive development of "UFO" and related technologies "would have ended up like Jack Kennedy, or like Lord Mountbatten....like Marilyn Monroe and Mary Meyer and all those other people who were killed for not going along with the secrecy." Greer even adds former CIA director Bill Colby to this list, a fact that casts even more of a shadow on Colby's suspicious death.(p. 56)
With these observations, again, I am inclined to agree. After all, one of the themes of my book The SS Brotherhood of the Bell is that there is a pervasive Nazi presence in the background of the JFK assassination, and that one motivation for their involvement in that conspiracy was to protect secret Nazi technology that continued to be developed within the black projects briefs of the US military after the war, and developed quasi-independently of US control at that. Greer is skating very close here, to what I believe to be one of the essential cores of this group and its ideology: the Nazis. As Greer himself states towards the end of his article:

"(Then) there's an even smaller number who understand that the strings being pulled behind the scenes are from a transnational, fascist-oriented group, not unlike the Thules who were behind the emergence of Hitler. What they couldn't do overtly during the Third Reich, they have done covertly. And through Operation Paperclip, we brought them into the United States and seeded the aerospace inducstry and the CIA.
"So, the global socialist-fascist effort that did not take hold overtly in World War II has been going on, at a subterranean level, since then. We are about to see its unveiling in a larger way, as attempts to consolidate power in the world around such ase philosophy and around such a structure become consummated."(p. 59)

This is as close as I have ever heard anyone come to an admission that the Nazis - or rather, their "secret backers" in the various secret societies of pre-War Germany - were but cats' paws in a much larger game, and that they were central and core components in the post-war structure of international covert operations, black projects, and UFOlogy.
In other words, Dr. Greer gets it.
He knows, or rather, senses that something changed with World War Two and the "defeat" of the Nazis; that they merely went covert once again, and became an international rogue group, a core component of his international fascist-socialist rogue group.
But here is where I think Greer falls somewhat short. The underlying theme running throughout Greer's Nexus articles is that space should not be weaponized, and that the "ETs" who have been visiting us are really peaceful and not a threat. However, what military, of whatever power, would honestly behave in this fashion? Let's be reasonable here: if there is an "ET" aspect to UFOs, then it would be the height of irrationality for the militaries of the world's great powers not to assume a "worse case scenario" posture and attempt to provide for some defense of their country and the wider world at large. They would be remiss in their briefs if they did so. In addition to this, Greer is forgetting the step immediately prior to the "ET" threat in Von Braun's "case for space weaponization," mentioned in Carol Rosin's affidavit, and that step is that before the ET threat, there will be the "asteroid threat." In other words, to save the earth from catastrophic impacts, space will have to be weaponized. One should note the implication here, for the deployment of weapons of sufficient power to destroy an asteroid, or at least "nudge it off course" assumes that weapons of extraordinary power and sophistication already exist. And that of course implies the existence of weapons able to be deployed offensively against the surface of the earth as well. Once again, if this threat is real, the great powers' militaries would be remiss in their brief not to prepare against such an eventuality.
In this regard it is interesting to note the recent increase of programs on the Discovery and History channels dealing with ancient and modern asteroid impacts and their presumed deadly effects on the environment of the Earth.
But in any case, it is utterly irrelevant to the case whether or not "ET's" intentions are hostile or not, since the world's militaries will operate under the assumptions of "the worst case scenario" that they are a threat, since the same holds true for asteroids, which obviously cannot be construed as having any "intention" of hostility or not.
There is a second problem with Greer's allegations, one with which I am sure he is familiar since he has already admitted the existence of a "technologies suppression" effort going back at least as far as Tesla, if not much father...perhaps even to Farraday! But in order to suppress such abberant technologies, one must also suppress the physics theories and observations on which they are based. One must, in other words, create a "public consumption" physics, of breathtaking beauty and mathematical seductiveness, a physics that can only lead to various dead ends, while secretly and covertly developing a whole different paradigm of physics.
I believe this is what in fact has happened, for there are little indicators here and there that this is the case, from Heaviside's editting of Maxwell's original electromagnetic equations from quaternion geometry to linear algebra, thus editting out of his equations the scalar component, to careful suppression within histories of physics of the implications of Georges Sagnac's rotational version of the Michelson-Morley experiment, to the careful suppression of observations that contradict the predictions of General Relativity, and the almost "divine" status accorded to that theory within normal physics pedagogy, a status equalled elsewhere in science only by the theory of evolution.
Which leads us to why Greer gets it, "sort of." Greer implies that it was the threat that JFK, Lord Mountbatten, Mary Meyer, Marilyn Monroe and others posed to the secretive development of alternative technologies that was the motivation for their murders or "death by suspicious causes" in some cases. But it is not so. The real problem for such a covert program of suppressed technologies and physics is rather different, for once such a technology is let out of the bag, it would only be a matter of time before some enterprising and brilliant mind deciphered the physics paradigm that made it work. Once that paradigm becomes widely known, the jig is up for Greer's covert rogue group, for the proliferation problem will then become a nightmare for it, allowing not only access to more efficient energy, but also access to weapons that would make a hydrogen bomb look like a kitchen match, an access more easily acquired too, since such weapons are much less costly and complex to build.
Might, then, the "suppression" group's motivations also be in part "altruistic", to protect the world from a future where a Michael Corleone, or an Adolf Hitler or Osama bin Laden have relatively easy access to such instruments of power?
Think about it...