For those who've been following the fascinating work of Richard Hoagland through the years, run, don't walk (if you haven't already done so) to your nearest bookstore and get a copy of his newest book Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA. This is quite a read, and here's why:
I first began to follow Hoagland's work after hearing him on Larry King's old overnight radio show, long before Art Bell came along, and shortly after Mr. Hoagland's first book, The Monuments of Mars had just been printed in its first edition (it's now in its fifth edition and umpteenth printing). I have followed Mr. Hoagland's work ever since. And as anyone knows who has been following it, there is a veritable mountain of data, predictions, papers, photographs and reams of extended analysis on his website (
This is where Dark Mission in part fills a much-needed gap, for it in part constitutes a review of his involvement and interest in the anomalies not of Mars, but of our nearest celestial neighbor, the Moon. But the book is also much more than that. It is a thorough review of how he came to hold the hypothesis that there are in fact two space programs, NASA's rather overt and by any account rickety obsolescent one, and a much more secret one. Dark Mission thus gives us what has been needed for some time, a review of this hypothesis and how he came to hold it. But it goes further: it reviews Mr. Hoagland's case that NASA itself was and is beholden to a cabal whose esoteric and occult interests have actually determined mission parameters to some extent, up to, and including, the lunar landings themselves. So much of this book corroborates and confirms the similar conclusions I reached in my own book The SS Brotherhood of the Bell that the two dovetail and confirm each other quite nicely. In fact, the more so, as Mr. Hoagland reaches his conclusions via a slightly different route. In yet another strange corroboration, Mr. Hoagland and co-author Mike Bara came to the conclusion that President Kennedy's assassination was in part motivated by His desire to initiate a cooperative space effort with the Soviet Union. For the threatened and hidden power interests inside of NASA, which according to Hoagland and Bara, included Magicians, Masons, and Nazis - all thoroughly documented in the book - this was too much. The President had to go.
Dark Mission's importance to the growing literature of government suppression of alternative science and technologies cannot be lightly dismissed by anyone with an open mind. In fact, the most interesting thing about the book is the response it has had. Of course, there are the usual silences from America's so-called "free press", and the usual attempts to discredit Mr. Hoagland or Mr. Bara or their associates who have provided data and assistance. These have been so lame and inept that no further comment is needed here, but for the reader who wishes to follow the story, they can read of some of these attacks on Mr. Bara's Dark Mission blog site.
The stupidity and lameness of these attempts has been highlighted in very dramatic fashion by a heavy Russian media attention from the four major networks in Russia, as well as by a sustained interest in Russia's print media. And notwithstanding our own so-called media's mandated disinterest in the work, it has nonetheless climbed to the top twenty of the New York Times non-fiction bestseller list. If you want to know why all these things have happened, if you want to know why Japan has a three ton satellite orbiting the Moon and mapping it, or why China, Russia, and India, in addition to the United States, have regained a sudden interest in returning men to the Moon, if you want to know why the American Press has scarcely mentioned the book inspite of its position on the New York Times Bestseller list, if you want to know why the Russian media has a sustained interest in his work, and if you haven't yet read Dark Mission, then run, don't walk, to your nearest bookstore, and buy, and read, and absorb the profound implications of Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA.

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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. Gil on June 27, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    Great blog! I’ve really enjoyed reading your post, and the thoughtful responses to it. Thanks for the depth of analysis and conversation!

  2. zupakomputer on February 28, 2008 at 2:09 pm

    I think it’s worse than concocting a story for financial profit! I think they are manipulating the ‘observer effect’ of as many consciousness’ as possible, so as to generate a reality that better serves a type of “4D emo drama”, to borrow a term from a Barbara Hand Clow book.

    Given how easy it is to use basic stage hypnosis to convince a sizable portion of people that things happened that really did not take place, there’d be no need for any mind-control project to employ much technology at all, much less have real links to any other existing projects that were focused upon other goals.

    I’ve observed way too many occurances of people believing themselves to be involved in all kinds of heroic dramas, when to me it’s as plain as day they have someone ‘programming’ them to think what they do. It’s even possible to catch them out by doing things like thinking something specific – and they’ll obligingly then use what you just thought as though it’s part of their dramatics and originated from them. The whole thing reminds of many scams and methods used in espionage and computer security, except it relies upon muddied thoughts and a populace whose conscious waking life is separate from their unconscious and their background thinking and real beliefs.

    There is a book that looks at it from a different point of view than any other sources I’ve seen, The Montauk Files (KB Welles) – specifically I’d highlight the conclusion that getting involved in looking into the topic is actually a form of examining the contents of your self. It’s like it is showing up all the ignored aspects of what it is to be conscious and what awareness is, and since the approach of many – the reasons why they wish to examine such a thing – are unclear or shallow, they only get back ‘noise’ and mishmashes of synchronicity.

  3. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell on February 26, 2008 at 7:44 pm

    Dear Zupakomputer:

    Wow….thanks for the long post! For my part I steer away from research into shamanism, drugs, and so on, but I am certainly away of the stories, and like you noticed the strange parallels in the movie DUNE.
    In answer to your question about Montauk and so on, no, I do NOT cover that in the new book. Briefly put, I am not satisfied about the state of evidence or reliability of sources behind that story. To be completely honest with you, it has that feel, to me, of someone concocting a story to make capital off of an already existing and sensational story, namely, the Philadelphia Experiment.
    Thanks for continuing to visit my website, and please tell your friends about it!
    Best Wishes,
    Joseph Farrell

  4. zupakomputer on February 26, 2008 at 7:16 pm

    I also get the impression that what’s being covered-up relates to the ‘lack’ of technology required to achieve things like near-instanteneous travel between places that are great distances apart.

    The similarity between Avebury and Cydonia suggests (if you’ve read books like Starwalking and The Star Mirror, to name but two) that there’s a deliberate link constructed for a purpose, not just in a memorial or referential way.
    And the knowledge isn’t just in the area of geomancy and leys, but in astronomy too (with The Star Mirror there’s much evidence to show how stars have a direct effect on where mountains form on Earth and how tall they will be).

    Not to mix up comments here, but in regard to the film Dune – I find it more than co-incidental that the drug that folds space is an orange spice. Synthetic DMT is often orange in colour.
    There is of course a wealth of information on sacramental and sacred plant use in shamanic ways, all over the worlds ancient cultures and current indigenous cultures.
    It was one of many things used to condemn the indigeonous peoples in the ‘new world’ (their use of healing and mystical plants) as had happened in some of Europe during the witch-hunts.

    DMT compounds are found naturally in the human body, and have been found to play a part in insect metamorphosis;

    I was reminded of this when reading over a blog The Sacred Mushroom and Atlantis, which discussed naturally producing stargates. The McKenna book True Hallucinations and the science version of it, The Invisible Landscape, place an emphasis on the use of sound to open up portals (there is a model for the molecules in the DMT-containing plants binding to DNA in ways that alter the physical properties),

    and that cymatics (the shapes of sounds / frequencies) certainly suggests ‘In the beginning was the word’ is literally true – ie, sound creates, and the original language is one in which the actual sounds themselves manifest their literal meaning.

    What happens inside a chrysallis is procedurally similar to what happens in cymatics frequency changes: it starts out as one structure, and as the frequency is altered it becomes amorphous for a time, before reforming into the new structure.
    The ‘Hutchinson Effect’ has shown this with metals, where he uses sound & frequencies to make the metal become liquid.

    Taking research such as is discussed here,

    it looks all the moreso that the cover-up seeks to conceal methods of changing the physical body so as to transport it (and do a whole lot of other things) – that the problem is with a separation of the soul and the body.

    Clearly this gets into religious territory; and this angle too has been covered by authors like Sitchin. The Earth Chronicles books (and his website) have a lot to say about manipulation of DNA and it’s design and engineering, and – in correlation again with the movies discussed here, the story of Marduk and Tiamat is also about a planet (in this solar system) being destroyed.
    I remember seeing a photo in one of his books of a building on Mars that looked like an army barracks; apologies if you’ve covered that too, I haven’t had a look at enough of the recent happenings in publishing in this area.
    It all sounds very like the ideas in 2001 (the film), where the placed monoliths are attracting the explorers to discover them.

    Any secret societies, I’m certain this is the case for all Nazi related ones, would know a great deal about the use of magical and spiritual plants. There is some kind of documented link about synthesised mescaline inspiring the animation of Fantasia; I can’t recall exactly if this was synthesised during the Third Reich era or if there was some other research link.

    Another maybe-related but obscure one: the story of LSDs synthesis is strange, in that when it was first made (1938) it wasn’t known to have any of the effects that it later became famous for. It was discovered to have them in 1943, somewhat accidently. (The stories of what happened during the Philadelphia Experiment that year, to the onboard crew, certainly sound like they unsuccessfully were exposed to stargate-type of technologies. And it is admitted to that mind-control experimentation (eg, by the CIA) later involved the use of LSD, and a lot more besides; I don’t know if you’ll be covering any Montauk AFB links to the Philadelphia Experiment, but certainly there’s a great deal of information (not connected to either) on using plants and their drug derivatives in exactly the kinds of ways described by some people who say they were involved.)

    It’s later been speculated by many, including the man who synthesised it, to be the the kykeon given to those of the Elysian (ancient Greek) initiates. In that the ergot fungus the LSD is synthesised from would have been used in the preparation of the drink.

    I feel often that this situation is a little like the one in the film eXistenZ, as there are definitely those who when they find out about something like Cydonia will immediately feel it resonates with a truth they’ve known or suspected their whole life. And a little like towards the ending of that film, those who originally created this universe are being used in some way whereby they have to be made to believe that they are instead within something else they can’t understand.
    The idea of not being able to freely travel in space and time seems inherently wrong; the idea of not having 100% proof of origins and history is all the more wrong.
    It all looks like a bizarre time-lapse, almost as if there is a process being lived through where you just end up where you knew you should have been all along, and the cover-ups are some odd sort of attempt to slow a natural superconducting form of being down enough to allow them to examine it or copy it in some way.

    eg – if timespace-machine technology (whether naked or with machinery of some type) were to suddenly be available freely, then going to Cydonia would likely be on many lists of places-times to see. Effectively, such abilities completely abolish concepts of cause and effect (on a wider scale). What if people are looking at something they haven’t built yet or didn’t finish, or built ages ago. So it’s covered up because the more you see it, the more likely it is that you recall you used to be free or freer, the more likely it is that memories of the actual past are brought to mind.
    It’s covered up not because of what happened, but of what it reminds is occuring right now.

    I don’t mean that to be cynical or paranoid; it’s just that, if it was a beneficial or benign cover-up, it wouldn’t be anything like the way it actually is. It’d be a case of ‘hey, look what we found, how the hell did that get there?’ (if they didn’t know already).

  5. Joseph Farrell on February 23, 2008 at 8:43 am

    Hi Zupakomputer:

    My take is that it is a bit of covering up. I’m fairly well convinced now, after four books on the subject of what I call “paleophysics,” that someone in the know has access to or has figured out some of these things. Case in point: the resemblance between Avebury and Mars. Actually, this was first pointed out in NON-FICTION terms by Richard C Hoagland in his UN-Cydonia briefing video, and also in a paper that the enterprisemission newletter did back in the 1990s. THe resemblance of Cydonia to Avebury was brought to Mr. Hoagland’s attention, I believe, by his then associate David Percy. I do not, however, think they have continued their association. Of that I am fairly certain.

    Thanks for continuing to visit my site,
    Best wishes,
    Joseph F

    • D.Richard on August 22, 2012 at 10:10 am

      So other then straight an Direct Kaos,where do yopu think that humanitys direction is now,do you think that the godsa that made us,and the solar system that
      we live in are coming back,and then when they get here do we fight,that which is move advanced then our technology,or just give up to the whatever of the gods

  6. zupakomputer on February 22, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    re: Wiltshire. You’re no doubt aware of this already, there is a book called Two Thirds that describes a take on the Avebury area as corresponding to the Cydonia region.
    If I remember right it is written as fiction, but it’s pointed out that it is intended to reflect truth.

    I’ve no doubt that true history is somewhat obscured; the real question I find is: is it obscured because those it is intended to be hidden from are considered dangerous to, and by, those who have long practiced this knowledge,
    or is it not so much concealed but lost (eg – destroyed by cataclysms),
    or is it covered-up because those who destroyed (in full or in part) those who practiced this knowledge are now in charge of what little they understood how to operate.

    I very much get the impression that those who are what I’d call actively covering-up truth know they are lying – and here I’d draw particular attention to ‘everyday’ sorts of people that loudly will denounce anything in the area of paranormal (eg – will stop any conversations from getting into enlightened areas) – they definitely know they are lying. Question is – what do they get in exchange, and in what way do they recieve what they get.
    That situation is quite different to say – the no-comment treatment and related, where someone is not at liberty to discuss certain topics because they’ve signed a document saying they wouldn’t.

  7. Joseph P. Farrell on February 14, 2008 at 12:32 am

    Dear Mr. Moneo,

    Thanks for the comments regarding my SS BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL, and Mr. Hoagland’s DARK MISSION.

    Interestingly enough, Mr. Hoagland was made aware of my work recently, and invited me to Albuquerque last month to spend some time discussing things and to be interviewed for a documentary he’s doing. It was a fascinating time as we swapped notes on how we had each independently come to such similar conclusions viw such different routes.

    Best wishes,

    Joseph P Farrell

  8. Joseph P. Farrell on February 14, 2008 at 12:29 am

    Dear Dan t.,

    Thanks for the comments on my interviews on the Byte Show. I may be returning to it in the near future.

    As for the movie THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL, I am aware of this movie. It’s a real classic with Glenn Ford, Rosemary Forseythe, and the then popular character actor Dean Jagger playing the villain. I mention this movie in fact, in my book REICH OF THE BLACK SUN.

    As for the possibility that the Henge in Luwigcowizce, Poland, the test rig for the Bell, may have been based on application of ancient geomantic principles, I have found no evidence that would suggest this. That said, however, it is a fact that Himmler’s SS Ahnenerbedienst DID explore such principles quite extensively, so I hold open the speculative possibility that this might have been involved.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Joseph Farrell

  9. dan.t on February 13, 2008 at 11:13 pm

    hey joseph, Just listened to your cosmic war series on the byte show…

    7 brilliant hours..pheww

    just thought i would say that i found it amusing that there is a movie from the seventees called ‘the brotherhood of the bell’ and if we are to say that there is a possibility that the bell went to america perhaps we could take this as a meta-physical resonance of that idea… or a blatant broadcast,but i digress ….

    Also i thought i would add that as regards to your interpretation of stonehenge as a non weaponised monument i would agree but perhaps with the upper sanctum of the bell above ground resembling the wiltshire circle, then there is a posibility that the bells larger enclosure synthesised many different concepts from ancient architecture of mention.. including ‘the giants dance’ s geomtrey and geomantic principles??.

    thanks again for your hugely volumous and incrediblely good research.


  10. George L. Moneo on December 20, 2007 at 3:30 am

    It’s funny you make the comparison between your book and Hoagland’s; I read Black Reich, then Dark Mission and am almost finished with the Bell. Fascinating reading. Your research and his dovetail perfectly.

  11. IonTruO2 on December 4, 2007 at 3:40 pm

    Good day sir, good to find your Blog.

    Be it Sitchen or Wayne Herschel or Hurtak, all of them also point to our realization of a greater ‘human’ history than we are currently knowing. Seems simple enough to me to grasp.

    Humankind or the consciousness itself, as intelligence, that appears to us all here as humankind, has been in existence for a lot longer than we trivially believe based on our so-called records. So much lost over the eons on Earth yet we faithfully hold onto various notions of history, with much of it absent and missing under oceans and desert seas etc.

    The quick flip that so often leans towards an ‘alien’ ‘other’, rather than the basic premise of an ancient humanity that had been space faring previously, throws a blocker on good legitimate public discussions.

    Sure, conditions affect us in various ways. Cut the gravity in half and you get taller and leaner forms or other variations of ‘people’, but as Hurtak in The Keys of Enoch talks about the Adam Kadmon as a primary form or structure for consciousness being, I think it is more honest to disclose first the prior human presence that permeated this local space long ago.

    I remember Richard had a picture up on his site years ago of asteroid Hyabusa. In the image he so specifically chose I saw very clearly what looked like a distinct ‘pillar’ column embedded in it. Greek style to my layman’s eyes. He further talked later about Tempel1 and the observation of what essentially amounted to the equivalent of ‘beach sand’ present. A hint perhaps at our prior history and cataclysmic indicators.

    So we are ever so slowly crawling to realize and/or disclose to our people, that we are as ancient as it gets and we aren’t the first kick at the can.
    Really it seems like modern science is merely catching back up to where we were long before, technologically. I think in many ways that over time there has been erosion and forgetting, not novel advancement, as we all like to think now.

    I guess perhaps there always was a ‘race’ of sorts beit arms or space, and for the country that got a few inside tips and maybe a helping find or two, it was worth it to leap ahead of the pack in secrecy.

    For all the persistently troublesome others(countries/leaders) in this world, it does make sense to me that one such as the U.S. might do that in secrecy also in order to be better established to ‘police’ the others as they in near future join the space faring program of this current civilization.

    One chance to do it right….or else.

  12. Joseph P. Farrell on December 4, 2007 at 3:11 am

    Thanks for your comment Gort, and yes, your summarization of Hoagland’s work is exactly his position, i.e., that the ruins and anomalies on the Moon he believes to be that of a very ancient human civilization. This he has also made very clear in his recent appearances on Coast to Coast.

  13. Gort on December 4, 2007 at 3:01 am

    I don’t remember any aliens or ufos, at least of the extra-terrestrial kind, in the book, “Dark Mission.”
    I believe Mr. Hoagland and Mr. Bara speculate that the ruins of enormous structures on Mars and more specifically on our moon are the work of an advanced civilization of humans in the distant past. The secret cabal behind the space program had esoteric knowledge of the existence of these ruins and went ot the moon in search of advanced technology.
    At least that’s the way I read the book.

  14. Joseph P. Farrell on December 2, 2007 at 8:09 pm

    Hi, thanks for the comments Mr. Swann, especially the observations about Compton. As for Dark Mission not addressing the coopting of “the space program’s military industrial secrets” in favor of dabbling “in the esoteic non-substance of aliens and UFOs to muddy the waters and obfuscate the truth seekers,” I cannot disagree more. As far as I am concerned, the whole point of DM is to raise precisely the issues you speak of. That the ritual aspects of NASA missions are discussed I think speaks very favorably of the book since no one else is willing, and able, to discuss it.



  15. ericswan on December 2, 2007 at 1:36 pm

    I haven’t seen any photographic evidence to support life on the moon or Mars thus far. Dark Mission raises the interesting question of whether there is a rogue secret space program but it doesn’t address the obvious co-opting of the space program’s military industrial secrets but dabbles in the esoteric non-substance of aliens and UFO’s to muddy the waters and obfuscate the truth seekers.

    Early in June of 2000, NASA claims that COMPTON was taken out of orbit and crashed into the Indian Ocean. NASA had dozens of websites including a few that were and are not identified as NASA internet portals, which were documenting the work that COMPTON was doing, the problems it was having with gyroscopes and the subsequent controlled “downing” of the largest and heaviest satellite ever put in space. At least one of these websites claimed that this ditching would be followed and photographed as it broke up and crashed into the ocean where all shipping and watercraft had been warned out of the area before the crash took place. This area was hundreds of miles wide and thousands of miles long. Even this information has been dumped into the memory hole and no footage (Challenger like break up) documentation to prove that the satellite was brought down.

    I have checked all of the FOIA requests to NASA since 2000 and there are no inquiries into COMPTON. That tells me that there are no researchers the least bit curious about or suspicious of NASA’s downing of COMPTON. But why would NASA “pretend” to take out a satellite? What did COMPTON have that needed to be suppressed and what did COMPTON have that would be more suited to military industrial applications?

    There are at least two components that would invest the MIC in such a deception. The first is COMPTON’s communication system. T.D.R.S.S. allowed for HUBBLE, CHANDRA and COMPTON to maintain worldwide communication from space in real time. By removing COMPTON from the public domain, only the black ops government would have access to worldwide communications in real time. This would allow for point shaving and worldwide stocktrading that would be a few seconds ahead of all other banks and investment and security exchanges communication systems.

    The science side of COMPTON that needed to be suppressed, was it’s GAMMA ray investigation which was the main science program being carried out in the public domain side of COMPTON Sprites above the clouds which show up as blue lightning was giving away the military complex use of HAARP, chemtrails, charging up the ionosphere and plasma weapons discharges. Is COMPTON cloaked and carrying on it’s work outside of public scrutiny? When did NASA ever put public safety ahead of space program as it concerns debris falling out of orbit? The answer is NEVER.

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