The Reich of the Black Sun

The Nazi Atom Bomb, Secret Weapons Research, and the Beginning of the Cold War

reich.jpgFollowing clues that he uncovered while writing The Giza Death Star Deployed, Mr. Farrell returns to investigate a mystery that has troubled him since his early teenage years: Why did the United States drop an untested uranium atom bomb on Hiroshima? The answer opens a pandora's box of scientific and historical problems that the "Allied Legend", the official history of the a-bomb and the war''s end, have never answered satisfactorily. Mr. Farrell uncovers evidence that the Nazis were working on far more dangerous things than mere atom bombs. In the final two chapters, he offers a fresh interpretation of two well-known UFO cases. The conclusions he comes

to will challenge the way you view the end of World War Two and the years and events immediately afterward.

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    1. Zonier on June 24, 2010 at 2:02 am

      Just checked Amazon……Nazi International IN PAPERBACK is priced $143.00 (!!!!) and UP!!! I assume this can still be bought new directly from Adventures Unlimited Press for $20! Weird, huh?

    2. wilfredo mundo on March 18, 2010 at 12:40 pm

      i read the reich of the black sun i found that it is interesting book.i think you are correct with the teory that the nazis were developing weapons far more advance than the allies the occult matter,i think you should publish another book completely devoted to that theme,one that i found very facinating to study.we need in this world of today more people like you to inform what really happened in germany in the 20th sincerely congratulations for your books to you.

    3. none on November 12, 2009 at 9:20 pm

      Mindblowing link:

      I orginally bought Dunn’s book Giza Power Plant for a laugh, just to see how he could back up such far out bullshit, and was amazed at how he pulled it off. Convincing stuff.

      Am looking forward to Giza Death Star, which is on Xmas list.

    4. Joseph on September 11, 2009 at 8:12 pm

      I heard about Dr. Farrell’s books on a blog I follow. I find this fascinating. Are your books written such that a newbie such as myself would be able to follow or do you suggest other introductory reading?


    5. Albert on August 28, 2009 at 2:33 am

      Mr. Farrell, in the physics you write about in your works, is there a biological connection of these physics to the human mind, brain, and conciousness? If so, what do you suspect/hypothesize it is?

    6. Bruno Antonio Buike on July 17, 2009 at 10:58 am

      Dear Mr. Farell!

      After reading your book on “third Reich” (a copy openly placed in I as the son of survivors from Nazism and Communism rather feel inclined to give some informations from my studies as follows:

      1. Keyword “Akakor” (Brazil)
      1.1 The publication of Brunner, Karl: Aufbruch der Götter. Die Chronik von Akakor, München: Heyne paperback 1981, hardcover: Duesseldorf: Econ 1976 HAS BEEN CONTRADICTED inNehberg, Rüdiger, Der selbstgemachte Häuptling Tatunca Nara alias Günther Hauck …, Hamburg: Kabel 1991. Nehberg-team is telling backed by German BKA (something like FBI) that this “Brazilian tribe chief” TATUNCA NARA is a German with name Guenther Hauck – that has been brought in connection with the disappearence by DEATH of SEVERAL visitors to him …
      1.2 Author KARL BRUGGER – seemingly a name from Austria or BAVARIA – , working for some German TV station DIED under odd circumstances ..
      1.3 conclusion from my side NOT POSSIBLE – except if taken the Akakor-story as DOUBLE FOLDED story – complicated by will to CAMOUFLAGE something REAL behind it …

      2. KEYWORD “General plan behind: British/US-clubs, starting in 19th century”
      2.1 to reach a level ABOVE just rethinking World War 2 and Nazisam and Communism I tried the following ENLIGHTENING – but heavy scholarly – book:
      Guido Giacona Preperata: Conjuring Hitler. How Britain and America made the Third Reich, London/Ann Arbor: Pluto Press 2005 (British Library plus Library of Congress)
      2.2 Jim Marrs: The Rise of the Forth Reich – Harper-Collins ebook 2008 – ISBN 978-0-06-169266-6 – you know perhaps already
      2.3 based on these – and others – I myself placed in – search “Bruno Buike” – Massacre on Human Race in 20th century – short essay

      3. Keyword: NEW astrophysical theories
      I so far in Farrell-books did not discover KONRAD MEYL – just google name for homepage, just take “Konrad Meyl” – who delivered an interesting trial for explanation for corrlation between Earthquakes and Sun/Moon CONJUNCTIONS (!!) based upon theory built from TESLA, SKALAR WAVES and some advanced quantum physics. Added here because it may have “some bearings” on Farrell topics ..

      4. Keyword “MUSIC and advanced physics”
      4.1 Franz Liessem: Musik und Alchemie, Tutzing (protestant academy): Hans Schneider publisher 1969 – this book is scholarly analysis of MUSICA ENCHIRIADIS, approx. 1000 AD dealing with ALCHEMY, PLANETS plus “Eigenton” (specific individual frequency for EVERYTHING from matter)
      4.2 Kepler, Harmonia mundi is using C-Major scale for description of RELATIONS in our solar-system
      4.3 Beyond Leonard EULER’s trials on music and even with Martin Vogel from University of Bonn, Department for Music MATHEMATICS of music are treated by authors as if subject has not been solved so far, Vogel for instance presenting a trial with manyfolds / plentifolds – others in with Fourier-analyses and the like. From research for musical graphics for use in schools I myself has suggested QUITE another idea to SOLVE the problem as follows:
      b) take EQUIDISTANT row of 12th root of 2 tempered scale
      c) construct around every DISRET POIT of scale row EPSILON SURROUNDING with DEDKIND CUT
      d) afterwards FILL IN AS YOU like EVERY DISCRET SINGLE TONE SOURROUNDING with Tones whatever, that is: GENERETAD according to WHATEVER theory – fill in even “EIGENTON of EVERYTHING”
      So I am not really skilled in maths I stopped with this sketch of GENERAL MUSICAL THEORY FOR EVERYTHING
      4.4 After musical theory for everything we now need a LINK or BRIDGE to quantum physics. Maria Szepes (occult writer from Hungaria), Academia Occulta, vol 1, p.128 is suggesting with regard to WEAPONRY from “Eigenton-Apparatus” to link with overseen theories of JOHN WORREN KEELY, end of 19th century. This fellow I could so far not provide normal bibliographical evidence for – but he is in the internet and there connectd with some apparatus and concepts for free energy.

      5. Keyword “Counterstrategy”
      5.1 According to modern physics there is a RECIPROCAL EFFECT from THEORIES UPON THE OBSERVER, meaning here something, that there arouses the supposition, that there is something BASICALLY WRONG with US/NAZI ADVANCED SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. After considerations and study too varied to be summarized here in short, I THEREFOR DECIDED PERSONALLY to change to EASTCHRISTIAN ORTHODOX denomination (because their liturgy is no theory for everything but TREATING EVERYTHING based on PALAEOPHYSICS including for instance AETHER-concept …)
      5.2 Otherwise the present white race British/US and NAZI-infiltrated WORLD-DOMINANCE will go – as everything else in history has gone. Just be PATIENT.

      Kindly regards
      Bruno Antonio Buike, Neuss / Germany

    7. Bruno Antonio Buike on June 8, 2009 at 2:40 pm

      As far as intellectual brain-power goes: Giza-Death star IS giving CLAER INSIGHT, I never had thought possible at all – provided reader can follow advanced physics and mathematics AT LEAST in form of “short sketches” …

      Thanks and greetings

      Bruno Antonio Buike, Neuss/Germany

    8. pr0f4ne on May 11, 2009 at 3:31 am

      Hi, I bought and read the “Secret of the Unified Field” with my usual high interest that goes with such subjects.

      Though I know I would myself would probably would not be able to dig that much info, I do however, feel the need to comment in an honest manner that I believe will help improve a few things for the author’s later publications.

      Having read, there were two things that were quite obvious, one being spelling and grammatical errors throughout the book (and I don’t mean the Jessup book annotations, which were presented in original form as much as possible).

      Secondly, I was able to analyse that the book was more of like a writing down and coming to terms with the authors very own comprehension of the accounts and relating whatever he read in his research and other books. Much of the things was clearly unclaimed and sounded like a highly classifed gossip.

      This book was more about clearing one’s own head rather than somewhat of a profound research for others out there, like me, who do not have the time or means to research themselves but do constantly look forward to such written material to satisfy our curiosity and euphoria somewhat.

      Much of the first chapter had “We’ll get there in a moment” but never was it clear where the author was really going. Lot of basic info was incomplete such as the actual explanation of how Kron relates electrical tensor/space-time to UFT etc.

      I am now thinking whether I should buy the Philosophers Stone and read another “according-to” and or try something else.

      All in all, its probably good for readers who have never read anything about P.E/N.B but have some physics background.

      It failed to clearly outline what “actually” the UFT is and how the scientists of then came about to it. The title suggested something a lot more to it.

      Thanks never the less and all the best.

    9. Joseph Wildhagen on August 26, 2008 at 3:29 am

      There is a great awakening taking place. We won’t nuke ourselves this time like 12K ago. I found a large, out of print techtite book at the Flagstaff, AZ geological survey library that said that the Atomic Energy Commission had analyzed Moldevite (Libyan green glass): has abnormally large amounts of uranium and lead in it. Politically correct pagan science would have us believe that impacts (Arizona meteor crator is a big hole in the ground) caused the concave green glass areas around the rim of Africa, etc. There is virtually no green glass at the Nevada test site due to the diameter of the thermonuclear spheres being precisely known (about 22″ of telemetry wire survived above the concrete wire well plugs) (except from the cannon test and underground detonations). I am grandson of a Hauptman, decendant of one of earliest dictionary authors after Gutenburg Bible, witness of flight two of four disks we made using 3 rotating magnet disk drive (72′ diameter craft) capable of .99C, designed for 2 pilots. Two of these (“The Machines”) were sent into the sun to safely dispose of them when the drives became unstable. I grew up in High Desert (Plant 42/Muroc-Edwards/China Lake) did Fortran programming 1965 on vacuum tube computer (had to do own card punching) age 15 at Edwards AFB. Hand ground 8″ Newtonian mirror (still have the telescope) age 10 with Dad. Maybe talk/write later.

    10. Robert Montenegro on April 16, 2008 at 5:49 pm

      I know this is a “submit comment” desinated place, but if Dr. Farrell reads this request and answers back via my e-mail adress, I believe we can both benefit, so bare with me. My father is a World War II historian and has been collecting artifacts from the time period for the past 30 years and has recovered some very interesting Nazi uniform peices that he and I haven’t been able to identify. One Nazi uniform pin that my father found is covered with Tutonic-Runeistic symbols and if they are read in a counter clockwise order, the message indicates some type of Rune time travel ceremony. It is very strange and I’m personally am getting very feaked out because I really don’t believe in the “Bell Projects” or the Nazi- Antartic expiditions, but this uniform peice is certaintly proving all of your reseach. Please reply.

    11. Steven Anteau on April 9, 2008 at 6:36 pm

      I recently read a book called The Symbolic Prophecy of the Great Pyramid that was published by the Rosicrucian publishing house (here’s a description from my library

      It is a monster of information and goes on to state that the mystery schools were formed to battle the Pagans and that outlined in the mathematical measurements of various sections of the pyramid can be found prophecies that have been best worked in the book “The Great Pyramid It’s Divine Message” by “David Davison”.

      Big fan and just thought this might matter to you 🙂

    12. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell on March 31, 2008 at 7:57 am

      Dear Mr Broome:

      The best way for me to talk about some of these issues would be privately. You can contact me at my email [email protected]….please use ALL CAPITALS in the subject header.

      Glad you enjoyed the show!
      Best wishes,
      Joseph Farrell

    13. Jeff In Idaho on March 30, 2008 at 12:43 am

      Dr Farrell; This is Jeff from Idaho from INDY radio show. If you could send me an email address I would like to send you some info. I have 5 of your books. I read “reich” and 52 pages of first giza book. I think you might want to google “joe cell” then think about CNO energy cycle in 316L SS when in contact with water dielectric constant 81 and your box capactior issue. Blacklightpower founder has taped into early hydrogen tube collectors. Crandell BISMUTH issue on amazon “the antigravity papers” is a good reference was $65. Higg like particle is defined in text. I will read all your other books before trying to tie up your time. My Ron Paul email is [email protected] add Dr Farrell to subject line so I will get back soon. I was going to preorder new book last month, but have had to buy RON PAUL signs for IDAHO primary MAy 27 2008. Thanks for all your effort and I will try to help you with money and contacts to free us from NAZI military-industrial-scalar weapons antigravity controllers. I like most of William Lynes book. James McCanney indicated Tesla’s father got his info from his father who was old book expert underneath the Vatican and Einstein was Tesla’s patent clerk per Lyne!!! Ohio power outage in 2003 was caused by unregulated Tesla tower in CANADA by USA military. I agree with WMD weapons issue in IRAQ. Thanks for the time to ask questions today. March 29 2008 on internet radio show. patterson cell might be being used to flood gold market by the Rothschilds in City of London??? Lots of Pd out in space and on Venus. Brown dwarf issue might be maya calender reset dec 21 2012. Think about wobble issue of earth. Take care Jeff Broome

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