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February 18, 2008 By gizadev

The Reich of the Black Sun

The Nazi Atom Bomb, Secret Weapons Research, and the Beginning of the Cold War

reich.jpgFollowing clues that he uncovered while writing The Giza Death Star Deployed, Mr. Farrell returns to investigate a mystery that has troubled him since his early teenage years: Why did the United States drop an untested uranium atom bomb on Hiroshima? The answer opens a pandora's box of scientific and historical problems that the "Allied Legend", the official history of the a-bomb and the war''s end, have never answered satisfactorily. Mr. Farrell uncovers evidence that the Nazis were working on far more dangerous things than mere atom bombs. In the final two chapters, he offers a fresh interpretation of two well-known UFO cases. The conclusions he comes

to will challenge the way you view the end of World War Two and the years and events immediately afterward.