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February 26, 2008 By gizadev

While it's old news, it's worth mentioning that Tim Ventura's popular website,, has some interesting articles on the involvement of the California-based defense contractor SARA's having built a "proof of concept" experiment of the Nazi Bell device (q.v. Tim's article "The New Nazi Bell'). The effort was led by SARA's chief engineer and laser scientist, John Dering. According to another article entitled "Defense contractor's anti-gravity discovery disclosed" (, the SARA/Dering effort was funded in part by Joe Firmage.

We may fairly guess how SARA constructed its device. Dering has insisted that the original Nazi Bell device was not a fully rationalized device with its mechanically counter-rotating drums (in addition to its probable counter-rotating FIELDS). And we may conclude, given the time-indicators of the SARA experiment, that it was rationalized, in part, on the basis of information presented in Igor Witkowski's classic work on Nazi secret weapons, THE TRUTH ABOUT THE WUNDERWAFFE. On that basis, with Witkowski's emphasis on the resemblance of the Bell device to a typical plasma focus, we may conclude that SARA and Dering probably configured the internal relationship of the counter-rotating drums of the original Bell as being nested one inside the other, and we may be fairly certain that the SARA device's drums were stationary, the entire counter-rotation occurring solely in the fields themselves. Similarly, we may reasonably conclude that SARA and Dering may have used a compound of mercury, doped with some radioactive material, and perhaps even some form of liquid crystal as well. We may envision a set of Van De Graf generators, perhaps, supplying DC current to the device. And we may reasonably conclude that the SARA/Dering device DID get some significant time dilation effects. Adidtionally, it is safe to say that SARA and Dering rationalized their proof of concept experiments by appeals to the work of Gabriel Kron (Dering mentions Kron at length during his interviews with Tim Ventura), and to the Unified Field Theories of Albert Einstein during the late 1920s and early 1930s. But which VERSION of that theory? Dering clues us in with his mention of non-Riemann geometries and distant parallelism, i.e., they would reference the series of papers that Einstein published on the subject beginning in 1928.

However, we may likewise conclude that the SARA/Dering device came nowhere near the effects allegedly achieved by the Bell....and the reasons may lie in the fact that the SARA version of the device may not have been - in spite of the claims for it - as fully rationalized as the Nazi device.

For one thing, it is my opinion, based on an examination of the Bell, that the mechanical counter-rotation of the drums was somehow essential to its achievement of the non-linear effects it inevitably relied upon. Secondly, it is my belief that the Bell was NOT a plasma focus in any standard sense, i.e., that its drums were NOT nested one inside the other, but more probably one on TOP of the other. Likewise, it is my belief that the device used TWO types of electricity, namely, DC AND AC. And finally, I do not believe, for historical reasons, that the Nazi Bell device was rationalized on the basis solely of Einstein's Unified Field Theory papers....after all, there were OTHER versions of the theory out there by OTHER people, and the SARA / Dering team ignores an important HISTORICAL clue...
As for my reasons why I believe the above things, those must await for the appearance of my new book, SECRETS OF THE UNIFIED FIELD: THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT, THE NAZI BELL, AND THE DISCARDED THEORY.
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