Could you explain what you mean by non-linear and acoustic?

    Well, it is a difficult concept, and actually, non-linear physics is a fairly recent development, but basically, in non-linear physics, the traditional forms of forces - electromagnetism, acoustics, gravity, strong and weak nuclear forces and so on - comprise a linear subset of a much wider range of things. The fundamental change is in the type of mathematics used to model such things. In the traditional methods, forces are represented by a mathematical entity called a vector, which one may think of as an arrow from one point to another, the magnitude of the arrow representing the magnitude of force. In non-linear thinking, however, the principle interactions are modeled not so much as vectors, but as shared components between otherwise isolated systems. So when energy is modeled in this type of way, it is capable of traveling from one point to another, like a vector, but also can simply appear from one system to another by dint of these shared components or sets of information.

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