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Dr. Farrell has been a guest on the following shows:

Coast to Coast AM, with host George Noory and guest host George Knapp
The Byte Show (internet show), with hostess GeorgeAnne Hughes
Frankly Speaking Radio, with host Frank Whalen
Magick Mind Paranormal Research Radio, with host Dr. Ed Craft
Erskine Overnight, with (obviously) Erskine
Dreamland, with hosts Whitley Strieber, Jim Marrs, William Henry, and Peter Levenda

The Richard Syrett Show, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Ron Paul Revolution Radio
Red Ice Creations, Sweden

As of March 2008, additional appearances are scheduled for 2008 with Frankly Speaking Radio and the Byte Show, with possible television and documentary appearances in the works. Dr. Farrell was recently interviewed by Richard C. Hoagland, who has also commented on his works at http://www.projectcamelot.org/richard_hoagland.html, part one.

Keep that dial tuned right here for more information as it becomes available!

22 thoughts on “Interviews”

  1. that’s a good description of why I DON’T like it. Most of it that I’ve
    heard. I don’t know which were what, but in general it is like
    spinning your wheels with pretentious blasts now and then.

  2. Dr. Farrell,

    During your interview with GeorgeAnne Hughes (Cosmic War13) on The Byte Show, you indicated that “music is the first unified field theory in physics.” You also expressed your appreciation for classical music (especially C.P.E. Bach) and your belief that the inability of so many modern people to listen to classical music with genuine appreciation was because they do not understand it “… and no one has taken the time to sit them down and show them how to listen to it …”

    I’m game and would like to learn more. I enjoy most types of music and would enjoy further discussions concerning this topic.

    1. I’d love to help nut unfortunately it would require a sort of classroom situation, the ability to talk, and then a good stereo system, and some music. But briefly, classical music is for the mind as well as the passions… it is endless permutations of basic ideas, and no composers do this better than the two great Bachs, JS and CPE in their keyboard concerti. Mozart, as well… start with Mozart’s C Minor piano concerto, third movement…the same idea, endlessly changed

  3. I love you, Dr. Farrell! You are a _total_ genius. I can`t wait to hear an interview of you about your new book Giants, Genes, et. al. Maybe you will do an interview on Byte Show or Coast AM. May God bless you mightily! It`s too bad that there are so few radio hosts who are up to your intellectual caliber to interview you.

  4. Dear Mr.Farrell,

    I never miss an opportunity to hear you speak, love your books, and your mind.
    My question is, are you planning to have E-Books on your sites? It would really make life so much more easy for us who live in Europe, because shipping costs almost as much as the book its self.
    I think you could also multiply your followers, who like me live so far away, but love your work.

    Best Regards,

    Erica Laszlo

  5. I recently bought all you books up to Babylon Banksters.


    Because I downloaded and listened to all your files on the byte show.

    Being a Pythagorean Initiate, my perspective on certain of your intepretations of events and significances in the ancient world differs to a large degree, but that doesn’t rob your interesting and otherwise plausible scenarios of value. And all your impressive research on the Nazis survival makes complete sense and fills in huge gaps in understanding contemporary eco-socio-politics.

    Above all, your take on science and physics is downright splendid. Granted, you are in good company here, but the broad perspective you offer (your series may be coined the complete history of hyperdimensional/meta physics) is unique.

    A detail: Your take on the Tetraktys is impressive and you are definetively on the right track on the esoteric arts, notwithstanding alchemy.

    Keep up the good Work! It’s far beyond entertaining – it is downright important.

    PS! I hope you will continue the series on the Byte show. It’s one of the few media options available to us who live outside of the USA.

  6. Just a quick note to say what a great interview with project camelot. From all the people I have listened to and read I would just like you to know that I appreciate the way your research appears to be so thorough and takes you off into some almost unlinkable areas. I am very impressed by the way you are able to tie it all together even if that is a little bit scarey on some level how neatly it all fits together. I personally have tried to find out as much as I can about the Hadron collider but everything seems very quiet about it. Have you got any more information or reference points I could take a look at?

    many thanks!

  7. Watched the Camelot interview. I don’t know about your conclusion drawn from Von Braun w/headphones photo standing with other scientist during Apollo mission necessarily proving anything along the lines you we’re intimating. Von Braun’s Father was minister of agriculture twice. So how did he jump to rocketry ! “A-ha !” (?-sic) Exactly…I don’t see how you can make such a huge jump from the photo to the “Dark Mission” thesis.

  8. Dear Mr. Tropello:

    The relationship between Zionists and Nazis was hinted at by Christopher Simpson in his book BLOWBACK. He mentions the training of Feivel Polkes’ rebels in Palestine by the RSHA (ReichsicherheitHauptAmt). But this only scratches the surface. What the deeper relationship is I cannot say here. The German General staff did send officers to the far east prior to World War One. As for the paradestep being used by China, etc, this is largely through Russian influence, though, even there, the Russians were influenced by Germany.


  9. Hello Joseph, I just listended to your interview at The Byte Show and can’t wait for your next one. You can take a look at my page at myspace and see info on the secret Militia I founded to gather info against the Nazi in the US gov. The US gov destroyed me because of that evidence. Sincerly, Debra Pitts

  10. Mr. Farrell

    I heard you on the GeorgeAnne Hughes show and found you fascinating. I have 2 questions

    What was the relationship between the Zionists and the Nazis?

    After the war did the Nazis infiltrate the far east – ie Japan & China?

    I don’t know if this makes sense but based on your interview something clicked. I always wondered why the armies in some places around the world marched in goose step – off the top of my head Korea is one of those countries. Maybe as you said they were trained by the Nazis.

    Enjoyed listening to you


  11. I’m expecting there will some interviews coming up related to the most recent publications, International and Philosophers Stone–please keep us posted.

  12. Thanks Vicarious Lee for the reminder! Just for everyone’s information, that interview was only an hour, though the hosts in an usual procedure do a “post mortem” of the interview among themselves during the second hour, which was a format I actually liked.

  13. Also two points, the power system must have been contained on the ship because that level of a E-Field would cause excessive inductance on external power cabling. Further, the e-field generator must have been a reasonable size considering it must have fit inside of the volume of a destroyer with all necessary parts. Thus, we can make some deductive size and power limits of what was used. 🙂

  14. Dr. Farrell, like others, I caught the Coast-to-Coast interview as a podcast and absolutely loved it. I had the good fortune to have read THE HUNT FOR ZERO POINT last year and loved it, wondered where and when there’d be more available on the topic, and, lo and behold, I stumbled upon your interview. Great information, thanks so much for your work, I’ll be purchased your books very soon, and keep at it, please!

    Edward Lee

  15. re: Granite storing free electrons – that made me think of capacitors, then I thought ‘right enough, those flecks in granite look like mica’ – so I looked it up, and some of them are mica (which is used in capacitors)!

  16. Hello Dr. Farrell,

    Like Tim, I listened to the interview late (from a download) – and was riveted. Looks like I’m going to be doing some reading as well.

    I was fascinated to hear that your advanced course of study was Patristics (which has always interested me). Is this strictly a “Catholic thing” or was there a conscious relationship to your interest in science? I was a CIS/Religious Studies major (with a minor in History) but for all practical purposes a science illiterate. I loved listening to you, as I do Hoagland and Kaku. All three of you make me want to go back to school.

    Thank you for the wonderful interview, I hope they schedule you again very soon.


  17. Joseph Farrell

    Dear Mr. MacFarlane:

    Thanks for listening to the show. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. I hope you’ll enjoy the books….sometimes they are very technical, but they ultimately reward the persistent reader.

    Best wishes,
    Joseph Farrell

  18. Your information on CTC was very similar to the conclusions I have recently made concerning the subjects. One idea I will offer you is to look at the Giza as machines made of dielectrics, which have different K’s and energy will flow and be stored in such circuits.Granite can store enough free electrons to raise the block in the Great hall.I have a short article at Americanantigravity/Tim Ventura site,listed under Roger Vail /Vailift.I respect your work. Roger Vail Wyoming,Il.

  19. Tim Mac Farlane


    I fortunately stumbled upon your interview on coast to coast AM this morning and found myself immediately intrigued by your research and your new book. I can’t thank you enough for opening a new level of consciousness for me with this subject matter.I will be buying your books to read very shortly hoping my small purchase fuels your continued writing and my further enjoyment in future interviews.

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