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February 18, 2008 By Joseph P. Farrell

Dr. Farrell has been a guest on the following shows:

Coast to Coast AM, with host George Noory and guest host George Knapp
The Byte Show (internet show), with hostess GeorgeAnne Hughes
Frankly Speaking Radio, with host Frank Whalen
Magick Mind Paranormal Research Radio, with host Dr. Ed Craft
Erskine Overnight, with (obviously) Erskine
Dreamland, with hosts Whitley Strieber, Jim Marrs, William Henry, and Peter Levenda

The Richard Syrett Show, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Ron Paul Revolution Radio
Red Ice Creations, Sweden

As of March 2008, additional appearances are scheduled for 2008 with Frankly Speaking Radio and the Byte Show, with possible television and documentary appearances in the works. Dr. Farrell was recently interviewed by Richard C. Hoagland, who has also commented on his works at, part one.

Keep that dial tuned right here for more information as it becomes available!