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What are the implications of the suggestion that Giza is a weapon, and ...

February 14, 2008 By noreplies
    That's an excellent question. Really, the implications seem to me to be almost limitless. In my books I argue that if one considers all the anomalous mathematical and physics implications of the Great Pyramid, then it would appear that its builders operated with a physics that was much more unified, and therefore, more sophisticated than our own. If that proves to be correct, then the potential of such a physics both for peaceful "powerplant" operation and for weaponization are immense. It would be akin to comparing a hydrogen bomb to a kitchen match, only in this case, the hydrogen bomb would be the kitchen match, and the power tapped into by the Great Pyramid would be the hydrogen bomb. Such power and the technology that made it possible would upset the current balance of power, as well as greatly redefine our current social, cultural, and economic order. As such, it would mean that the Great Pyramid would be a focus of research and investigation by the major military powers of the world, and that, I believe, has been the case.