Alternative Archaeology

What the New Age researchers have been telling us is incorrect, then, ...

February 16, 2008 By noreplies
    I'm not sure how to respond to this question. If, for example, one includes investigators like David Hatcher Childress or Stephen Mehler or John Anthony West in the category "New Age", then I would have to say that the broad outlines of their research is essentially correct, in that they maintain a pre-Egyptian origin for the structures, and accordingly a pre-Egytian "purpose." That being said, however, I would be disinclined to view all the "glories" of whatever high civilization that preceded the Egyptian and Sumerian as entirely benign. David Hatcher Childress has also done a great deal to uncover the "dark side" of this ancient civilization and the outlines of its military technology and warfare in his books Technology of the Gods and Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India and Atlantis. These and my two books, The Giza Death Star and The Giza Death Star Deployed could be viewed as extending speculation in that direction.