There's been something of a minor flap on the internet concerning an alleged secret meeting at the UN to which various "high level" participants, including representatives of the Vatican, supposedly took place. The subject matter was allegedly the subject of UFOs and "disclosure", and even the celebrated UFOlogist Dr Jacques Vallee weighed in on the matter, to put himself on record that it has all the hallmarks of the deliberate planting of disinformation in the form of a "meme" which would then circulate throughout the net.

Needless to say, the reaction of the UFO ET community was predictable. There was the usual obsession pitched just this side of hysteria that finally, "disclosure" of ET and and his advanced technology was at last drawing near. Well, as readers of my books already know, I "don't do UFOs". My whole take on Roswell and Kecksburg are similar to Dr. Vallee's take on this recent episode: a deep-cover disinformation campaign was waged to misdirect attention away from exotic though terrestrial technologies (and their unsavory origin in wartime Nazi Germany and the even more unsavory implication that someone in the post-war world was continuing an independent development of those technologies). Of course, the reaction of some in the UFO community to that interpretation was simply to push for an ET origin of the Nazi technologies, with arguments about saucer crashes in the Black Forest, and so on. Beyond Mussolini's top secret study group established in Fascist Italy for the purpose, however, I don't find much evidence to support that theory. The same holds true here; the usual cast of dubious characters with dubious backgrounds, ad hominems, and wild-eyed claims about "exopolitics" weighed in to cast even more confusion over the whole affair. The stupidity of some of the pronouncements about this most recent seizure in the UFO community only confirm my determination to avoid the whole subject, save to go on record in the following way:

IF any such secret meeting took place at the UN, then I strongly suspect that Dr. Vallee is right: a meme was planted in the net via the usual "high level sources that must remain anonymous." As one of my friends in the alternative community, who shall himself for the moment remain anonymous, put it to me in a private email, what "BETTER way to discredit an actual meeting having taken place" than to tar it with the brush of UFO-ET disclosure? Which raises the subject of what "out there" in the depths of space could cause such a meeting to occur, and cause it to be so effectively covered up? IF that indeed was the subject matter of the alleged meeting, then we may put it into the context of the recent explosion of the comet, which literally blew up - there's no other model to explain it - swelling to thousands of times its original size in a matter of hours. If there was such a meeting, then perhaps it was not to discuss ET and UFOs, but the very real and unpleasant possibility that someone right here in our own neighborhood possesses some very sophisticated, and very frightening, technology.

Messages ARE being sent, but I think once again the UFO-ET community has misread the signals, and allowed itself to be used as a tool of disinformation and misdirection.

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  1. Joseph Farrell on March 24, 2008 at 8:47 pm

    Thanks Zupakomputer!

  2. zupakomputer on March 24, 2008 at 5:22 pm

    Had a small scout around (ie – searched on Eckhart, Hausofer, Vril, Hess, Thule, that kind of thing) but nothing really solid enough to warrant passing it on I don’t think; it’s possible the Arktos book may have mentioned or included some similar info.

    If I turn anything up I’ll e-mail you it.

  3. Joseph Farrell on March 19, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    Dear Zupakomputer:

    I mention Von Braun’s concern about space weaponization in both my books REICH OF THE BLACK SUN and SS BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL. And I do talk about humanity and the “other powers that be” in my book COSMIC WAR as well. If you ever do find those links about the lectures the Nazis gave on contactees, please email me via the “contact” button on the right. I’d be interested in reading about this.

    Best wishes,

    Joseph F

  4. zupakomputer on March 18, 2008 at 2:29 pm

    Just a comment on Nazi & ET sources of info.; it depends what angle the backgrounds of those that founded* the Nazi movement in generals views are taken to be about.

    eg – when they say ‘ascended masters’ and suchlike, and explain Aryan origins as being from different star systems, some people take that to mean aliens and some people take it to mean angels, and others think the two terms refer to the same thing: a different type of living consciousness to what most of us here are based from.

    Certainly if that source of information is taken as a starting point it actually explains what the anti-Semitism was all about, as it ties in with the Elohim, and the Kabbalah views on the universe and origins of peoples here.
    ie – it’s tied up with the notions of created humans not being welcomed by all of the angels for various reasons.

    Regrettably I don’t have a source of this to hand to link, but there are many examples of leading Nazis giving the kinds of lectures and presentations that thesedays would be heard linked with things like ‘contactees’ and similar – usually the cited examples of these come from before the Reichstag win in 1933, and from before the outbreak of WW2.

    *I’m meaning the occult groups and persons associated with them

    re: weapons in space – Werner von Braun is on record as being deeply concerned and unhappy about the developments of weapons in space. There’s a general consensus amoung scientists, the ones that headed to the USA via Paperclip, that the weaponisation of space was the wrong way to go. Certainly such devices can be used to prevent damage from something like an asteroid or comet headed this way also.

  5. ericswan on March 16, 2008 at 11:20 pm

    I’m assuming that the exploding comment that you are referring to is comet Holmes. I have been following that particular story since Oct. 25, 2007, the day or two after this astronomical phenome took place. While tracking through the the search engines, I came upon a post by anonymous sources at Godlikeproductions of the proverbial anonymous email posted from a public library (and reprinted at my website) which suggested that Holmes was the target of the recently “destroyed” spy satellite with a weapon of unknown capacities. I had posted this information months before the “spy satellite” story became an issue that needed to be resolved. From my point of view, the spy satellite with it’s so called secrets that had to be destroyed, was a coverup for the actual mission this satellite was set upon which was to test the effects of weapons in deep space ie. what happened to Holmes. I’m not sure if the weapons were atomic or EMP or something else but I am suspicious of the weaponizing of space nonetheless. A progress of these suspicions are time stamped in the comments section of this blog….http://hhmsssword.blogspot.com/
    which copies or links all the stories concerning a possible military intervention with the comet.
    Just a brief comment on Kecksburg. I was a newspaper boy in Dec. 1965 and believe I saw this object and reported the sighting to the local police in person and minutes after the event. I was keenly interested as a young teenager in knowing what it was and where it landed. I found out at the time that it did in fact land in the Pittsburg area and don’t recall any disclosure at the time as to what it was. The only point I can add to this subject is that I viewed it directly overhead in a mature mixed forest. Not on a horizon but directly overhead as did many others who called into the police station while I was standing there with a couple of friends. My location of Elliot Lake, Ontario is not on the flight path that you (Joseph) have put together which suggests that the Kecksburg object had changed direction and did not run in a straight line.

    A couple of days after the lunar eclipse last month, I observed a lone cloud blowing in the wind from the south east and heading north-west. This lone cloud was illuminated by the near full moon and was observed at 1:03 AM and drew my attention as it had a square black hole directly in the middle of it. I could see the moon perfectly well through the cloud until it hit the square hole when it was completely obscured. I have published a few accounts of this observation a few hours after the event at my blogs or links from my website.

    If I were to conjecture as to whether this object was a UFO or manmade or nothing at all, my intuition tells me given what I saw, is that there was an object and that it possibly uses water as fuel and that the “exhaust” from the engine is water vapour. This ties into many scientific works by the Nazis during the second world war including Schauberger, Tesla and A.V.Rowe. My last comment concerns time travel. I think centripedal and centrifugal devices in space travel as described by Lazar, can and do travel through time. This is supported by the equations by Maxwell, Bearden, and Whitaker.

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