March 16, 2008 By gizadev

There's been something of a minor flap on the internet concerning an alleged secret meeting at the UN to which various "high level" participants, including representatives of the Vatican, supposedly took place. The subject matter was allegedly the subject of UFOs and "disclosure", and even the celebrated UFOlogist Dr Jacques Vallee weighed in on the matter, to put himself on record that it has all the hallmarks of the deliberate planting of disinformation in the form of a "meme" which would then circulate throughout the net.

Needless to say, the reaction of the UFO ET community was predictable. There was the usual obsession pitched just this side of hysteria that finally, "disclosure" of ET and and his advanced technology was at last drawing near. Well, as readers of my books already know, I "don't do UFOs". My whole take on Roswell and Kecksburg are similar to Dr. Vallee's take on this recent episode: a deep-cover disinformation campaign was waged to misdirect attention away from exotic though terrestrial technologies (and their unsavory origin in wartime Nazi Germany and the even more unsavory implication that someone in the post-war world was continuing an independent development of those technologies). Of course, the reaction of some in the UFO community to that interpretation was simply to push for an ET origin of the Nazi technologies, with arguments about saucer crashes in the Black Forest, and so on. Beyond Mussolini's top secret study group established in Fascist Italy for the purpose, however, I don't find much evidence to support that theory. The same holds true here; the usual cast of dubious characters with dubious backgrounds, ad hominems, and wild-eyed claims about "exopolitics" weighed in to cast even more confusion over the whole affair. The stupidity of some of the pronouncements about this most recent seizure in the UFO community only confirm my determination to avoid the whole subject, save to go on record in the following way:

IF any such secret meeting took place at the UN, then I strongly suspect that Dr. Vallee is right: a meme was planted in the net via the usual "high level sources that must remain anonymous." As one of my friends in the alternative community, who shall himself for the moment remain anonymous, put it to me in a private email, what "BETTER way to discredit an actual meeting having taken place" than to tar it with the brush of UFO-ET disclosure? Which raises the subject of what "out there" in the depths of space could cause such a meeting to occur, and cause it to be so effectively covered up? IF that indeed was the subject matter of the alleged meeting, then we may put it into the context of the recent explosion of the comet, which literally blew up - there's no other model to explain it - swelling to thousands of times its original size in a matter of hours. If there was such a meeting, then perhaps it was not to discuss ET and UFOs, but the very real and unpleasant possibility that someone right here in our own neighborhood possesses some very sophisticated, and very frightening, technology.

Messages ARE being sent, but I think once again the UFO-ET community has misread the signals, and allowed itself to be used as a tool of disinformation and misdirection.

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