Daily News


I just heard from my publisher (Adventures Unlimited Press), that SECRETS OF THE UNIFIED FIELD: THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT, THE NAZI BELL, AND THE DISCARDED THEORY is at the printer and should be out in four to six weeks. I know that amazon.com is taking pre-orders now, but if you're going to pre-order I'd recommend doing it directly with AUP, as it takes some time for books to be shipped to the distributors and then from them on to the major store chains.

...and on a completely different note, I'd like to thank those who've made donations. It's still short of what I need to continue this research, but I DO appreciate those who have done so. This helps me keep doing the research and trying to tell this story of suppressed science and technology, which has now become almost a fulltime effort!

....and on yet a different note, for those who've emailed me privately and asked, the answer is yes, I am writing a new book right now, but, sorry guys, the subject matter is, for the moment, classified. Suffice it to say, it, like all my other books, dovetails with the other books.