June 27, 2008 By gizadev's one of my pet peeves. Readers of my books know that generally I tend to the view that Roswell, Kecksburg and such cases, as well as many legitimate UFO sightings, may be rationalized on the basis of exotic off the books human and terrestrial technology. I've been attempting to build this case in particular with my books dealing with Nazi secret weapons and their development of a very different paradigm of physics than the standard model (Q.v. my Reich of the Black Sun, SS Brotherhood of the Bell, Secrets of the Unified Field, the upcoming book with Feral House, The Philosophers' Stone, and yes, a new book I am currently writing and that I hope to have done in the autumn). Some in the UFOlogy community have been quite openminded and receptive about some of my ideas.

That said, I continue to get a certain amount of emails, however, that  basically make the following kind of argument: (1) granted that advanced terrestrial, human, and perhaps Nazi technology might be behind some of these events, could it be possible that the Nazis recovered and backengineered a craft of an extra-terrestrial nature? Some of these cite the rumors floating around that something did indeed crash in Nazi Germany ca. 1935 or 1936, and that the Germans recovered it and began to back engineer it. (2) Some of the real cognoscenti cite the statements of Hermann Oberth and Wehrner Von Braun to the effect that the Nazis had had "help," the clear implication being a recovery or actual "contact."

I have two basic types of problems with this whole approach, the one is a problem of detail and corroboration, and the other a more general philosophical problem. As to the first type of problem, I have searched over the years to corroborate the stories of a crash and retrieval effort in Nazi Germany in the 1930s, and simply cannot (to this date anyway), find any. There is, of course, the Italian UFO study group founded by Benito Mussolini, some of whose documents I reproduce in Reich of the Black Sun. But beyond this, there is nothing to corroborate the story. And as far as the remarks of Von Braun and Oberth go, there is nothing in them really to suggest that "ET" was the source of their help. In fact, their remarks are of such a vague and general nature, that almost any type of speculation might be entertained as to what they in fact meant, including one often overlooked by "ET dogmatists," and that is, that these men were merely being cynical, and referring to the thousands of concentration camp laborers who helped bring Nazi secret projects to fruition.

And this brings us to my second, more generalized philosophical problem. I believe I and others have made a strong prima facie case that we simply must take into consideration the wartime advance of exotic technology amongst the various combatants, including principally, of course, Nazi Germany. This is where I find the tendency among the "ET dogmatists"  - and I would number a few well-known and respected names among these - to push back the "back engineering" idea further and further into history as more and more evidence of human accomplishment in the fields of exotic physics and technology comes to light. First it was Roswell that was so rationalized; now, with the revelations coming out of Europe in the wake of German reunification and the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, it is the Axis Powers' technology that must be so rationalized. It is as if humanity cannot do anything without the interference and connivance of "ET." While certainly not opposed to the existence of ET - and in fact I do not think some UFO cases can be explained any other way - I certainly am getting sick and tired of this whole approach.