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Last night (July 5, 2008) I appeared for a double session on The Byte Show with George Ann Hughes, and this Thursday I'll be on the Richard Syrett Show out of Toronto once again. Hope you all can tune in.

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  1. Dear Dr Farrell..
    Personal thanks for the erudite articulate information you bring to us.. It is refreshing and stimulating to hear some in depth concepts that would otherwise remain hidden.. Finally someone making sense of torsion physics, time traveling anti gravity nazis, and cosmic wars.. the gifts you bring are treasures.. many thanks.. sincerely Jeff Brinkerhoff.

  2. Joseph,

    I didn’t exactly know where to post this but since it is related to a previous show with GoergeAnn Hughes concerning geometric shapes on the moon and the moon’s of Jupiter, I thought it appropriate to post here.

    David John Oates, an Australian researcher discovered the seemingly unbelievable phenomenon of reverse speech in 1983. The proponents of this theory suggest intelligent words can be heard when normal speech is played backwards after being recorded. This linked video tests whether this theory is correct or not.

    What is interesting is that Ray Villard, a scientist at NASA is recorded in a discussion on the Art Bell show about geological features on Mars. The first reverse speech of Ray Villard, can be heard at the 3:07 point in this linked clip. The second recorded reverse speech can be heard at the 6:22 point in the clip. In the second recorded reverse speech while discussing geological features, if reverse speech is correct, Ray Villard can be heard to say, “Save the lie”.

    To listen to these reverse speech recordings, I’ve linked this clip at:

  3. It is a great wonder to have discovered nearly 2 dozen hours worth of your material with the Byte Show as well as the latest Dreamland episode. I will be pre-ordering your Feral House book and will be making a donation. Next spring will be quite a ride with the Dark Mission sequel arising along with ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’.
    I hope they release a DVD of your dialogue at the November convergence.
    Hail to the Black Sun!

  4. Thank you for your great work.

    I am truly impressed everytime i either listen or your the material.


  5. Steven Anteau

    No problem and keep up the good work. I appreciate your philosophical and logical view to ALL sides along with your heavy academic background and resources coupled with the willingness to entertain works such as Jan Van Helsing’s. It creates a perspective that I, a 22 year old college student who has been reading conspiracy books for a mere 3 years, was greatly in need of.

    Keep up the good work,

  6. Dear Mr. Anteau

    Thanks for the encouraging words! And thanks for letting me know about the AMORC book.

    As for my work environment, regrettably I don’t have a picture or a way of taking one. At my prime, before financial difficulties set in, my library comprised nine six feet wide floor to ceiling bookshelves and numerous notebooks, both bound and loose leaf, filing cabinets, and….well….clutter. 🙂

    Joseph Farrell

  7. Steven Anteau

    The Byte Show is where I first heard you about a year ago, I’ve since devoured all of your AUP books (saving the money for GHD though I do run a Mac), I’m at school now but already have them downloaded to my thumbdrive.

    Also, this is an odd question, really a request, but would you consider putting up a photo of your research pile? I have one myself, and I’m dying to see your work environment.

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