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January 22, 2009 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well it's happened once again, folks. I keep getting emails asking if I'm writing any new books and if so, what they're about, so rather than respond to all of them individually I'll handle it here and (I hope), satisfy everyone's curiosity.

The short answer is, yes, I'm currently writing a new book and researching two others I have planned for further on down the road. As usual, I'm not going to say what exactly the new book is about, but I can say that it's a project on the order of The Cosmic War, and returns once again to an ancient focus with the usual modern physics perspective on things. It's also a bit of a "tie-together" book, since I had to wait to get The Philosophers' Stone and The Nazi International out before tackling the subjects in this one.

The other little item of news is that the conference in Tempe hosted by Dr. Chet Snow and his wife went very well I thought, except for the usual minor technical glitches. It was my first time speaking at such an event, and sharing a podium with the people like Linda Moulton Howe, WIlliam Henry, Richard Hoagland, and many others. It was a fun time, and I enjoyed meeting the people I met and chatted with.

I will be "revising and extending" my remarks that I gave there next month, February 22-28,  to the 2009 International UFO Congress next month in Laughlin, Nevada, and speaking just prior to my friend and fellow Nazi researcher, the redoubtable Jim Marrs. After that my next scheduled appearance will be at the 2009 Ozark UFO conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas on April 9-12, so if you miss the one I hope I'll catch you at the other.

To the person who emailed privately and asked me about Friedrich Delitzsch's Babel und Bibel that I referred to on The Byte Show with George Ann Hughes: yes, the book is still available at There are two editions, one by Kessinger Publishing company, and one by Wipf and Stock. Of the two, I'd purchase the Wipf and Stock edition as it's a little handier and a little more well-laid out.

And to my friends Sesh Heri and Igor Witkowski, whose books The Handprint of Atlas and The Axis of the World finally came out: congratulations!  They both look great, and having had the privilege of reading them prior to their publication, I hope to be posting reviews here.

...keep that dial right here.