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Red Ice Creations 11-25-10

November 25, 2010 By gizadev

Where did all the bailout money go? What and who are they using the money for? In this program, Joseph describes financial blackmail on a massive scale connecting it with world domination, new weapons development and factions of the old Nazi empire remaining and still pulling strings behind the scenes today. Joseph talks about the "Nazi serum", the "Soviet mercury" and "American gold", which he says are all parts of an occult alchemical process.

Nov 25 2010:

Nov 11 2010: advanced weaponry and warfare in more detail and discuss what Joseph thinks might have caused the earthquake in Haiti and in Chile.

April 15 2007: The Black Sun, The Swastika, OSS, Paperclip, NASA connection with the Nazi's, Underground Bases, the Bell, Hans Kammler, Igor Witkowski, Wunderwaffe, Downed/Crashed UFO, New Physics, Alchemy, Mercury, The Apollo Program, The Philadelphia Experiment, Antarctica, Nazi Retreat to South America, Time Machine, Similarities Between the Nazi Bell and the acorn like craft that went down in Kecksburg 1966: