5 thoughts on “AN ARTIFICIAL OBJECT?”

  1. @Justina: isn’t a rocket stage, by definition, something that moved under its own power at one time?

    1. Not while it was a spent stage. And the way that is phrased,
      one could draw the conclusion you are drawing, but a
      spent stage is jettisoned using small explosive bolts, so
      whatever it was doing before that would have been
      modified. come to think of it, it should slow it a bit, since
      it is pushed backwards from its previous forward motion.

      but since it is phrased that way, that gives the scientist
      who said it wiggle room. Maybe all he meant was what
      you are saying, but maybe he doesn’t, but chose that
      ambigous phrasing to protect himself from retaliation.

  2. Not me either, this is more cover up. the article says they figure
    that it is a spent rocket stage, from some interplanetary probe
    we sent out years ago.

    But get this:

    “the spacewatch experts believe that it must have moved under its own power at some point, given its position and velocity.’

    which rules out the spent rocket stage theory.

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