1. If the field is deadly to all living matter, how is anyone
    going to use it for time travel or anything else?

    Again, I suggest everyone go see Event Horizon. one
    of those horror movies that is a good cautionary tale,
    before trying anything like this yourself. It was not time
    travel, but hyperspace jumping

  2. Dr Farrell,
    Sometime in 2010 “dreamland” and “coast to coast AM” w/ Art Bell had a guest on by the name of David Anderson. Art had interviewd David Anderson twice before some time ago (2002, 2003 maybe) but this latest interview i”m refering to scared the Hell out of me. The subject was time travel and more specificl the manipulation of the fabric of space-time its self. In his interview w/ Art two things stood out in D.A. description of the technology being used. 1> A field effect that was deadly to all living matter, all.He refferd to this field effect as the”boundry layer”.2> the progress of several countrys (India being at the forefront) of this Ave. of research.Your books and interviews (the byte show) have opened my mind,thank you so much for shareing your Gnosis w/ the world. [ http://www.andersoninstitute.com/ ]

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