1. Charles Watkins

    The broad sweep of your writing reminds me of Velikovsky. Speaking of whom, have you read Mankind in Amnesia? He might have missed on the cosmic event, but he did see the psychological impact.

  2. Dashiell Cabasa

    Dear Joe…I’d love to know what you think of Terence Mckenna’s Timewave Zero stuff…all that analysis of the King Wen sequence etc I’d been reading at allong with stuff about uses of the megalithic yard and the moon in that book ‘Who Built the Moon’ so…adding that to the broth along with John Lears stuff about the moon being a sort of Ellis island for the souls that are cooped up going round and round here….etc
    I’ve as yet only read ‘Bell’ Cos-war’ Philo-stone’ and the long awaited ‘Banksters’. So pardon me if you’ve gone into the timewave theory in other books.
    Also…looking forward to the genome stuff in ‘giants’ and hope to get copies of all your other books as soon as finances and relases allow.
    Delighted to see what your doing expanding the site!!

  3. That chapter about torsion and oracles and stuff, I noticed
    you raised the possibility, when asked if the Great Pyramid
    was still working, that some of the New Ager experiences
    might be a result of the Great Pyramid being still minimally
    active. Are you developing this idea in the book?

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