2 thoughts on “Jan 21, 2011 Fireside Chat”

  1. Hi Mr Farrell
    Enjoy your books imensly, Thank You.

    I have a few things to add to your datta base regarding the physics of our world.
    First of all I must mention the work of an amazing forsighted man Bruce l Cathie.
    his work has been around for a long time now and I must say it runs along a similar road to your own. The man is an amazing treasure trove of information regarding the physics of our world.

    Bruce has led me on a merry dance since opening my mind up to what reality might be. Harmonics comes into this story as well.
    And this is where I would like to mention a very important peice of work by a local Jornalist and historian Mr Brett Green he has bought to the forefront a very inportant historicle work about our local area here in Gympie,Queensland,
    Australia. The work compiled by Brett is in regard to the so called Gympie
    Pyramid. Now there is controversy regarding this ancient structure, and it has been nothing but a brown snake for all involved in trying to show this structure for what it is and who we are dealing with here.
    It would be to long an email for me to go into this in detail but I would like to send you some amazing work that will blow your mind regarding this treasure box.
    The hint is early pre European Australia and the extrodinary mistic history of the local Aboriginal. There is a LOT here for you Joseph believe me. Please Contact.

    1. IU am aware of Cathie’s work…. please know that I STRONGLY disagree with his hypothesis that nuclear weapons only work at certain times and certain places. I am always ready to look at any information anyone wants to send me, so you can use the contact button here and email me…

      Thank you for the kind words!

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