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  1. Dear Joseph, This is just a short missive to tell you that I think your work is absolutely amazing. You have shed a light on so many different subjects and connected them brilliantly. I feel that you are among an elite few who have the focus and intent to unravel the veil of lies that surround so many of the immense issues in our world. I’ve recently ordered your “Banksters” book, and wait with baited breath for it’s arrival. ( By the way) your New Years video sounds and looks great, and I will be one of your first subscribers when you get that up and going. Keep up the amazing job! And THANK YOU! All the Best, ChuckB.

  2. German physicists are too dumb to build a nuke…German physicists are too dumb to build a nuke…German physicists are too dumb too build a nuke……

  3. So are we considering this some form of HAARP testing in the heartland of America (and not from lovely Gakona, Alaska where the known HAARP array exists?) Or perhaps this is some external group’s testing?

    1. Actually, I have never agreed entirely with those getting all exercised over HAARP…what happened in Arkansas MAY have been the result of HAARP but my best guess is that it would have had to have been used in conjunction with another transmitter of a more directional nature closer to the incident…that’s my best GUESS.

      1. More interesting possibilities:
        There’s going to be a national level exercise along the New Madrid fault area in May of this year. Yeah, I can understand that many of the happenings attributed to HAARP are baloney. Of course, there are enough govt properties in the area where some local transmitter could cause the bird deaths. Of course, we only see some strange evidence. It’s like trying to describe an assailant based on a shadow.

      2. Could it be the changing in magnetic fields due to earth getting closer to the year 2012? Supposedly in 2012 we may have massive gravitational pulls due to the earth and sun lining up with the center of the galaxy! Just wondered what you thought about this and if this could be the beginning of effects we are seeing with the animals, because of these gravitational pulls that may effect our magnetic fields around the earth! Thanks for your time!

    1. Ha! (In a trance, with glazed eyes and monotone voive): “It’s just a tomb! It’s just a tomb! The Egyptians built the Sphinx…there is NO water erosion on it… they used copper saws and diorite balls to do it… optical precision was achieved with sleds and logs… it was just a tomb…it was just a tomb…”

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