2 thoughts on “NEW COMETS”

  1. Could there be a connection with “planet x”? I have somewhere read that it would be accompanied by smaller comets. Here is an article speaking of its approach which sites seemingly solid references:
    Here is an article speaking of the changes of 11,500 years ago – much more serious than we have been taught:
    Could there be a relation between these events, or is the time scale vastly different?

  2. There is something on the web about three objects on a skymap
    location with coordinates to put in to see them, and they are
    supposed to hit South America Dec. 21 AD 2011 or 2012 I forget
    which. Others say these are spaceships, someone said this is just
    a flaw in the film. given that it stayed there so long that would be
    odd. However, the objects are a rough ball, a rough cube like
    form and a twisted sort of semi cylindrical object. This sounds like
    a set of artificial objects or a prank. Whatever.

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