January 24, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well, if you've been following optics technologies or the subject of invisibility, here's a story that you should find intriguing:

GRIN Plasmonics

Note the uses implied by Luneberg lenses, i.e., lenses that can focus light from any direction equally efficiently, and Eaton lenses, i.e., lenses that can bend light 90 degrees coming from any direction.  These techniques are part of a whole new science called "transformation optics," which actually warps a physical space-time through which light travels in order to bend light.

In case you didn't notice, that means, quite literally, that scientists are now engineering the fabric of space-time locally, on the laboratory bench, something that I have consistently maintained in my books that they have been doing...since World War Two. Now, however, it is out in the open, and not subject to the constraints and walls of classification.

The uses of such technologies for invisibility technologies, for optical computing and a host of other applications, is almost limitless... as is their potential origin in black projects... but we know the names of those black projects already, for while their technological basis might have been very different from transformation optics, nonetheless the conceptual basis - local engineering of space itself - remains the same.