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January 29, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

By now, some readers of this site will have begun reading, or have read, my latest entry into the saga of post-World War Two politics, LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy: A Coalescence of Interests. There, among the many other "coalescing interests" represented in the assassination of JFK, I detailed more connections between the Texas oil barons and the postwar Nazi International.  But there are other details not mentioned there, or in any of my other books, except in passing, so here I'd like to fill in just a few of the blanks.

The blank in this case is Otto Skorzeny, and his "International Fascista" organization headquartered in Madrid during the Franco regime. Researcher Henrik Krueger, whom I cited in LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy, has this to say about the SS colonel and Hitler's favorite commando:

"Headquarters of the CIA/Gehlen/Vlassov combine, staffed in the mid-fifties by 4000 full-time agents, were in Pullach, near Munich. There Gehlen danced to the tune of more than one piper, having remained in touch with the old Nazi heirarchy relocated in Latin America, whose coordinator, Otto Skorzeny, was in Spain. Skorzeny had infiltrated the Spanish intelligence agency DGS, and effectively controlled it single-handedly." (Henrik Krueger, The Great Heroin Coup: Drugs, Intelligence, and International Fascism, p. 205).

General Vlassov, let it be noted, was the Ukrainian general who led Ukrainian SS troops against the Soviet Union.

In any case, so pervasive was this Nazi penetration into American intelligence that CIA historian Carl Oglesby noted "How can a naive, trusting, democratic republic give its secrets to crime and its innermost ear to the spirit of Central European fascism          and expect not to see its Constitution polluted, its traditions abused, and its consciousness of the surrounding world manipulated ultimately out of all realistic shape." (Carl Oglesby, The Yankee and Cowboy War, (Sheed, Andrews and McMeel, 1976).

It was this international "Fascista" organization that sponsored the notorious Operation Condor assassinations in South America in the 1970s. (Krueger, pp. 212-213). And it was Skorzeny, of course, who was also the nominal leader of the postwar West German efforts to aid Gamel Abdul Nasser's Egypt in the 1950s. as I outline in The Nazi International, and I strongly suspect - as I argued in LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy, that Oswald's sojourn in the USSR was handled by Gehlen's organization, who may very well have been behind Oswald's handler in Dallas, George De Mohrenschildt, who was also connected to the Texas oil barons, and who may have been their conduit to German intelligence.

When we add to all this the numerous cold war fronts which the Nazi International penetrated, the World Anti-Communist League for example, we are dealing with one component of a vast underground criminal network, and in my opinion, the most formidible of those components.

However one slices it, Krueger's work should give one pause, for the title alone says it all: The Great Heroin Coup: Drugs, Intelligence, and International Fascism.