By now, some readers of this site will have begun reading, or have read, my latest entry into the saga of post-World War Two politics, LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy: A Coalescence of Interests. There, among the many other "coalescing interests" represented in the assassination of JFK, I detailed more connections between the Texas oil barons and the postwar Nazi International.  But there are other details not mentioned there, or in any of my other books, except in passing, so here I'd like to fill in just a few of the blanks.

The blank in this case is Otto Skorzeny, and his "International Fascista" organization headquartered in Madrid during the Franco regime. Researcher Henrik Krueger, whom I cited in LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy, has this to say about the SS colonel and Hitler's favorite commando:

"Headquarters of the CIA/Gehlen/Vlassov combine, staffed in the mid-fifties by 4000 full-time agents, were in Pullach, near Munich. There Gehlen danced to the tune of more than one piper, having remained in touch with the old Nazi heirarchy relocated in Latin America, whose coordinator, Otto Skorzeny, was in Spain. Skorzeny had infiltrated the Spanish intelligence agency DGS, and effectively controlled it single-handedly." (Henrik Krueger, The Great Heroin Coup: Drugs, Intelligence, and International Fascism, p. 205).

General Vlassov, let it be noted, was the Ukrainian general who led Ukrainian SS troops against the Soviet Union.

In any case, so pervasive was this Nazi penetration into American intelligence that CIA historian Carl Oglesby noted "How can a naive, trusting, democratic republic give its secrets to crime and its innermost ear to the spirit of Central European fascism          and expect not to see its Constitution polluted, its traditions abused, and its consciousness of the surrounding world manipulated ultimately out of all realistic shape." (Carl Oglesby, The Yankee and Cowboy War, (Sheed, Andrews and McMeel, 1976).

It was this international "Fascista" organization that sponsored the notorious Operation Condor assassinations in South America in the 1970s. (Krueger, pp. 212-213). And it was Skorzeny, of course, who was also the nominal leader of the postwar West German efforts to aid Gamel Abdul Nasser's Egypt in the 1950s. as I outline in The Nazi International, and I strongly suspect - as I argued in LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy, that Oswald's sojourn in the USSR was handled by Gehlen's organization, who may very well have been behind Oswald's handler in Dallas, George De Mohrenschildt, who was also connected to the Texas oil barons, and who may have been their conduit to German intelligence.

When we add to all this the numerous cold war fronts which the Nazi International penetrated, the World Anti-Communist League for example, we are dealing with one component of a vast underground criminal network, and in my opinion, the most formidible of those components.

However one slices it, Krueger's work should give one pause, for the title alone says it all: The Great Heroin Coup: Drugs, Intelligence, and International Fascism.

Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. as on December 29, 2011 at 12:21 pm


    z 2011 PAZAR
    Resmî Gazete
    Sayı : 27990

    Karar Sayısı : KHK/646
    Maliye Bakanlığında hizmet birimi olarak Vergi Denetim Kurulu Başkanlığının kurulması ile bazı kanun ve kanun hükmünde kararnamelerde değişiklik yapılması; 6/4/2011 tarihli ve 6223 sayılı Kanunun verdiği yetkiye dayanılarak, Bakanlar Kurulu’nca 7/7/2011 tarihinde kararlaştırılmıştır.
    MADDE 1 – 13/12/1983 tarihli ve 178 sayılı Maliye Bakanlığının Teşkilat ve Görevleri Hakkında Kanun Hükmünde Kararnamenin;
    a) 2 nci maddesinin birinci fıkrasına aşağıdaki bent eklenmiştir.
    “s) Vergi incelemesi ve denetimine ilişkin temel politika ve stratejileri belirlemek ve uygulanmasını sağlamak.”
    reyle değiştiremezler.”
    ç) 19 uncu maddesinin birinci fıkrasının (a) bendi aşağıdaki şekilde değiştirilmiş ve (b) bendi yürürlükten kaldırılmıştır.
    “a) Vergi Denetim Kurulu Başkanlığı,”
    d) 20 nci maddesi başlığı ile birlikte aşağıdaki şekilde değiştirilmiştir.
    “Vergi Denetim Kurulu Başkanlığı:
    MADDE 20 – Vergi Denetim Kurulu Başkanlığı, doğrudan Bakana bağlı olarak Başkan, Başkan Yardımcıları, Grup Başkanları ve Vergi Müfettişleri (Vergi Başmüfettişi, Vergi Müfettişi ve Vergi Müfettiş Yardımcısı)’nden oluşur.
    Kurula verilen görevlerin yerine getirilmesinde, uzmanlaşma ve işbölümünün sağlanması amacıyla uygun görülen yerlerde Bakan onayı ile doğrudan Başkanlığa bağlı olmak üzere aşağıdaki grup başkanlıkları kurulabilir.
    a) Küçük ve Orta Ölçekli Mükellefler Grup Başkanlığı.
    b) Büyük Ölçekli Mükellefler Grup Başkanlığı.
    c) Organize Vergi Kaçakçılığı ile Mücadele Grup Başkanlığı.
    ç) Örtülü Sermaye, Transfer Fiyatlandırması ve Yurtdışı Kaza

    • Joseph P. Farrell on December 29, 2011 at 1:23 pm

      Does anyone know what language this is? It looks like Finnish but I do not know…

      • super T on December 29, 2011 at 1:51 pm

        Take it from a Finn, definitely not Finnish. Looks more like Turkish to me.

      • Marc on December 29, 2011 at 2:07 pm

        Look Turkish. (The ç and ü combinations) Finnish doesn’t have that type of ç character as far as I know:

        Google Translate seems to detect it as such and translates it as the following (I don’t know any Turkish myself :+):


        Establishment of TAX AUDIT COMMITTEE FOR SOME

        z, 2011
        The Official Gazette
        Number: 27990
        Establishment of TAX AUDIT COMMITTEE FOR SOME
        LAW AND Amendments to the Decree
        DECREE-LAW on Making

        Decision Number: KHK/646
        Establishment of the Ministry of Finance serve as the unit of the Tax Control Board with the amendment of some laws and decree laws; By virtue of Law No. 6223 dated 04.06.2011, the Council of Ministers decided on 7/7/2011.
        ARTICLE 1 – No. 178, dated 13/12/1983 of the Ministry of Finance Decree Law on the Organization and Duties;
        a) The first paragraph of Article 2 of the following paragraph was added.
        “S) concerning the inspection of the tax review and determine the basic policies and strategies and their implementation.”
        reyle can not change. ”
        d) the first paragraph of Article 19, paragraph (a) is amended as follows and paragraph (b) is repealed.
        “A) The Tax Board of Control,”
        d) Article 20 is amended as follows with the title.
        “Tax Control Board:
        Article 20 – Tax Control Board, directly affiliated to the Minister as Chairman, Vice-Presidents of the Group and the Tax Inspectorate (Tax Chief Inspector, Inspector of Taxes and Tax Assistant Inspector) ‘is from.
        Fulfillment of the tasks given to the Board, the specialization and division of labor in order to provide appropriate locations, subject to the approval of the Minister of the Presidency in the following group presidencies can be installed directly.
        a) The Department of Small and Medium Taxpayers Group.
        b) Head of Large-Scale Taxpayers Group.
        c) Combating Organized Executive Vice President of Tax evasion.
        d) Implicit Capital, Transfer Pricing and International Accident

  2. ILJA on June 16, 2011 at 8:02 am

    It was Stalin who eventually helped the Nazies to comeThe Fifty-Year War: Conflict and Strategy in the Cold Warto power as he was in urgent need of a leader who would destroy and destabilize Europe so that he himself could “liberate” it. There are two excellent works that I strongly advice to you: the first of them is The Fifty-Year War: Conflict and Strategy in the Cold War by Norman Friedmann

    the second is Stalin und der Ausfieg Hitlers by Thomas Weingartner

    • ILJA on July 12, 2011 at 8:55 am

      Ooooops! just noticed that the link I had posted doesn’t work 🙁 !!! Damn, it’s so pity, but hay, nevertheless for those, who are spikey, this reading could be fascinating and interesting, so find it and enjoy 😉

  3. Oliver on June 15, 2011 at 11:11 am

    UFO sightings on the rise in Argentina

    hmmm sounds like our friends down there are at it again 🙂

  4. ILJA on June 15, 2011 at 9:02 am

    And finally:
    To the Reader
    Who started the Second World War? There is no single answer to this question. The Soviet government, for example, has repeatedly changed its official line on the issue.
    On 18 September 1939, they stated in an official note that the government of Poland was the instigator of the war. On 3o November 1939, however, Stalin named other culprits in the newspaper, Pravda: ‘France and Britain . . . attacked Germany, thereby taking upon themselves the responsibility for the present war,’ he wrote. By 5 May 1941, the story had changed again : in a secret speech to graduates of military academies, Stalin laid the responsibility on Germany.
    After the war had ended, this circle of ‘culprits’ grew. Stalin announced that the most blood-stained war in the history of humanity had been started by all the capitalist countries in the world – in other words, all the sovereign states in the world including Sweden and Switzerland, but excluding the Soviet Union.
    Stalin’s view has long been established in communist mythology. During the times of Khrushchev and Brezhnev, and as recently as Andropov and Chernenko, these accusations against the rest of the world were frequently repeated. Under Gorbachev, much is changing in the Soviet Union, but Stalin’s view about who started the war remains unchallenged. Lieutenant-General P. A. Zhilin, chief historian of the Soviet Army, repeated during the Gorbachev era that ‘the perpetrators of the war were not only the imperialists of Germany, but of the whole world’. (Red Star, 24 September 1985)
    I would like to suggest that, from the beginning of the war, the Soviet communists made accusations against every country in the world with the deliberate intention of concealing their own role as its instigators.
    After the First World War, the Treaty of Versailles deprived Germany of the right to a strong army and offensive weapons, including tanks, military aircraft, heavy artillery and submarines. German commanders were unable to use German territory to train for the waging of offensive wars. So they began to make their preparations in the Soviet Union. Everything possible was done, on Stalin’s orders, to enable German commanders to carry out military training on Soviet territory. They were given training classes, artillery and shooting ranges, as well as tanks, heavy artillery and military aircraft which, under the terms of the Treaty,
    they had no right to receive. Similarly, German commanders were given access to Soviet tank-manufacturing plants, the most powerful in the world. Look, remember and copy. From the 1920s on, sparing neither resources nor effort, nor indeed time, Stalin revived the strike power of German militarism. Certainly not against himself. For what purpose? There is only one answer – so that war would be declared on the rest of Europe.
    Stalin understood that a powerful, aggressive army does not start a war by itself. A mad, fanatical leader is also needed. Stalin did a great deal to see that just such a leader should appear at the head of the German nation. Once the fascists had come to power, Stalin persistently and doggedly pushed towards war. The high point of these efforts was the Molotov–Ribbentrop pact. In this pact, Stalin guaranteed Hitler freedom of action in Europe and, in effect, opened the floodgates of the Second World War.
    Even before the Nazis came to power, the Soviet leaders had given Hitler the unofficial name of ‘Icebreaker for the Revolution’. The name is both apt and fitting. The communists understood that Europe would be vulnerable only in the event of war and that the Icebreaker for the Revolution could make it vulnerable. Unaware of this, Adolf Hitler cleared the way for world communism by his actions. With his Blitzkrieg wars, Hitler crushed the Western democracies, scattering and dispersing his forces from Norway to Libya. This suited Stalin admirably. The Icebreaker committed the greatest crimes against the world and humanity, and, in doing so, placed in
    Stalin’s hands the moral right to declare himself the liberator of Europe at any time he chose – while changing the concentration camps from brown to red.
    Stalin understood better than Hitler that a war is won by the side which enters it last and not by the one which goes into it first. Stalin granted Hitler the doubtful honour of being the first, while he himself prepared for his unavoidable entry into the war after ‘all the capitalists (will) have fought amongst themselves’. (Stalin, Vol. 6, p. 158)
    Much has been done to uncover the crimes of Nazism and find the butchers who perpetrated atrocities in its name. This work must be continued and stepped up. But while unmasking fascists, one must also expose the Soviet communists who encouraged the Nazis to commit their crimes, so that they could avail themselves of the results of these crimes.
    The communists weeded their archives thoroughly a long time ago, but what still remains preserved there is almost inaccessible to researchers. I was fortunate enough to work briefly in the archives of the Soviet Ministry of Defence, but quite intentionally I am making little use of secret archival material. Overt Soviet publications are my main source. Even these are quite sufficient to place Soviet communists in the dock with Nazis.
    My chief witnesses are Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, and all the Soviet wartime marshals and many leading generals. The Soviet communists admit that they used Hitler to unleash a war in Europe, and prepared a sudden blow at Hitler himself in order to seize a Europe which had been destroyed by him. The value of my sources lies in the fact that it is the criminals themselves who speak of their own crimes.
    I know that on the communist side there are many apologists. I took the communists at their word, so let us allow them to defend themselves independently.
    Viktor Suvorov

    The whole of the book by Viktor Suvorov (a former agent of the Soviet War Intelligence) – the most important book on WW ll, who really was the main culprit of it and why it all began you can read here:

    Highly recommend, it moves away and completely destroys the old Soviet paradigm that had spread all over the world in the circle of academia

  5. ILJA on June 15, 2011 at 8:41 am

    Original source

    Thomas Titura
    Book Review:
    “Stalin’s Other War: Soviet Grand Strategy, 1939-1941”
    Rowman & Littlefield, 2003, paperback

    Here is an important new book by an expert on Soviet history, who finally sets the record straight on one of the most distorted subjects in the writing of modern world history, and World War II in particular.

    In his latest book, Professor Albert Weeks presents the reader with an analysis of a large amount of newly discovered secret information contained in documents from formerly closed Soviet archives. The documents reveal that Stalin was planning to wage offensive war against Germany and, in fact, the West as a whole as a “windfall” from a second world war.

    Among the telltale documents are transcripts of Stalin’s famous toast to graduates of the Soviet military academies, May 5, 1941. The author also reproduces the text of Stalin’s previously hotly disputed secret speech to the Soviet Politburo of Aug. 19, 1939.

    This was just days before the signing of the Hitler-Stalin pact, known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop, or Nazi-Soviet pact, which included secret protocols about the territorial division of Poland, the Baltics and Bessarabia.

    The Stalin text was discovered in Russian archives and has been confirmed by diary entries of Comintern head Georgi Dimitrov. In his speech Stalin predicts that Germany will have to fight a long war against France and England that will allow the Soviet Union to sovietize not only defeated Germany but also France.

    An even more important document is from the Soviet General Staff. It is a war plan drawn up against Germany. It calls outright for a pre-emptive strike against German forces. The document, titled “Considerations of the Plan for the Strategic Deployment of the Armed forces of the Soviet Union in Case of War with Germany and its Allies,” is dated May 15, 1941.

    The document was prepared by General, later Marshal, A. Vasilievsky, Deputy Head of the Operations Department of the Soviet General Staff (Stavka), and presented to Stalin by Commissar of Defense S. Timoshenko and Chief of the General Staff G. Zhukov. The 15-page document calls explicitly for a pre-emptive strike against German forces.

    This fully conforms to the offensive military doctrine of the Soviets that called for “deep operations” into enemy territory (a fact confirmed by many Soviet officers and historians, but neglected and disputed by various foreign authors (e.g., David Glantz and historian Gabriel Gorodetsky, who tend to use pro-Soviet arguments throughout their books). Weeks, in fact, convincingly critiques Glantz’s and Gorodetsky’s arguments.

    It seems clear to this reviewer that both of these authors were granted access to Soviet archives precisely because they stuck to the line of official Soviet historiography. Their books, moreover, are customarily given favorable reviews in Russian publications that hew to traditional views while ignoring the new findings of the younger, post-Soviet historians who were canvassed by Weeks.

    Weeks uses a number of books and documents that have only recently been published in Russia. He thereby allows the reader to form his own opinion based on these materials. This is a great advantage over many other books that try to ignore every little detail that might contradict the author’s arguments.

    Some of the documents in this book have never been published before in English in their entirety. The wealth of information Weeks presents documenting Stalin’s “offensist” intentions is convincing to anyone with an open mind.

    There can be no doubt that Stalin was developing detailed plans for attacking Hitler – either in 1941 or certainly by 1942. As it happened, Hitler managed to strike first against Soviet forces that were not quite ready to realize their own aggressive plans.

  6. ILJA on June 15, 2011 at 8:35 am

    Original source

    Soviet plan for WW3 nuclear attack unearthed

    Soviet troops were to storm across Europe
    By Henry Samuel in Paris 4:21PM BST 20 Sep 2007
    Chilling Soviet plans to launch massive nuclear strikes in Europe followed by a ground offensive in Germany and southern France have been unearthed by a Nato historian.

    According to scenarios drafted in 1964, Warsaw Pact forces planned to use 131 tactical nuclear missiles and bombs to sideline NATO armaments and destroy Western Europe’s political and communications centres, in the event of an “imperialist” strike.
    In an alarming insight into the “Doctor Strangelove” mindset of Soviet strategists, the Czechoslovak People’s Army, CSLA, was then expected to immediately march over deadly radioactive landscape and invade Nuremburg, Stuttgart and Munich, then bastions of West Germany.
    On the ninth day the troops would take Lyon, south eastern France.
    Vienna was top of Soviet list 01 Dec 2001
    Oops – Russians post ‘secret’ sub plan on web 12 Sep 2007
    RAF jets scrambled to track Russian bombers 14 Sep 2007
    Soviet reinforcements would then continue the offensive towards the Pyrenees in the west.
    Historian Petr Lunak from NATO’s information office in Brussels, found the 17-page Warsaw Pact plan while sifting through declassified communist-era documents in Prague’s military archives.
    “Russians outlined the general (war) plan, while the (leaders of) individual Warsaw Pact armies prepared precise military blueprints, with details on front lines, deployment of troops and arms,” said Mr Lunak.
    The text, written in Russian and entitled CSLA Plan of Action for a War Period, was signed by the Czech defence minister of the time and carried president Antonin Novotny’s stamp of approval.
    According to Mr Lunak, the plan was still an option until 1986, three years before the fall of the Berlin Wall.
    It was shelved by Vaclav Havel in 1990 when he was elected Czech president.
    While most Western planners were convinced that any first strike would lead to total mutual destruction, the plan – written in matter-of-fact language – shows that Warsaw Pact nations presumed a massive ground war would follow nuclear attacks.
    Mr Lunak described the military plans as “fairy tale” thinking based on World War II warfare: “They (the Soviets) really planned to send ground troops out in the field and have them fight for a few days until they died from radiation,” he said.
    The final draft of the invasion plan was completed under Soviet Communist Party chief Nikita Khrushchev, shortly after the 1961 Cuban missile crisis, when the United States and the Soviet Union had teetered on the brink of war.
    According to the Prague documents, Moscow’s commanders fully expected western “imperialists” to make the first nuclear strike.
    Mr Lunak includes the plans, as well as interviews with Czech generals of the time in his book, Planning the Unthinkable: Czechoslovak War Plans, 1950-1990.
    The first English translation of the text was published earlier this month by the Parallel History Project on Cooperative Security, which analyses and publishes declassified NATO and Warsaw Pact archives.
    Vojtech Mastny, a senior fellow at the National Security Archive in Washington, D.C., who coordinates the project, said the 1964 document is the first such detailed war plan to come to light. “There’s no doubt that the plan would have been used if the green light was given from above – the political leadership of the communist bloc,” he said.

  7. ILJA on June 14, 2011 at 3:46 am

    In connection to Nazis’ surviving and Martin Borman: the same gen. Reinchard Helen repetedly and openly had been accusing Martin Borman of working for Stalin while occupating a postion of “a second chancellor”. This had the ground as in the period of the russian Civil War of 1918-22 he was captured prisoner by the Red Army and was imprisoned in the concentration camp of Ostashkov. All the foreign voluinteers, soldiers fought against the Red Army were usually sentenced to death immediately. But for some unknown reason Borman was released. And the practice of use of foreign prisoners of war or detected agents for the Soviet (and any other) intelligence’ s needs was ant still is wide-spread. Just food for thoughts.

  8. Jonathan on April 13, 2011 at 2:37 am

    To read more about how the Nazi’s planned the european union at the end of the war, search “The Red House Report” on the net.

  9. Jonathan on April 12, 2011 at 10:20 am

    For those who wish to see how the Nazi’s planned the european union towards the end of the war. Search “The Red House Report” on the internet.

  10. Jon on March 11, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    I would very mush like to see you expand your list of recommended books, wither in a list or on your bookstore pages. You have so much experience in researching these topics that I would find (as I’m sure would others) your recommendations extremely helpful.

    I have wasted my share of dollars discovering how really bad some books on these subjects are. I know you prefer we don’t “name names,” but the initials PM rank right at the top of my list of horribly bad authors. I particularly loved his idea that a newspaper article vaguely remembered by a friend’s grandmother, but no trace of which could ever be found, was his idea of hard evidence.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you are the “gold standard” in this field (or any other, for that matter).

  11. ian on February 8, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    Re Vlassov.
    He was a soviet general who after being taken prisoner by the Nazis, opted for a Russian Liberation Army. Hitler decided against that but after the defeats on the battlefields of the Soviet Union gave a green light. That army, made up by Russian volunteer POW wasn’t a part of the SS and Vlassov wasn’t an SS general.

  12. Greg Parent on February 1, 2011 at 5:13 am

    Speaking of which…the current crisis in Egypt spearheaded by ElBaradei, who while saying the Muslim Brotherhood is not a threat is at the same time spoken of as the front man for the Muslim Brotherhood according to members of the Muslim Brotherhood. This implies a fairly cozy relationship between the two. At the same time, the Obama administration and the mainstream media (see CNN Amanpour) is going out of its way to play down the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood in this crisis….Now we know that the Nazis played an instrumental role in the development of the Muslim Brotherhood and may still be a proxy for the Nazi international. So what is behind the whitewashing of the Muslim Brotherhood by the Obama administration and. the mainstream media.

  13. Thomas on January 30, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    Carl Oglesby noted “How can a naive, trusting, democratic republic give its secrets to crime and its innermost ear to the spirit of Central European fascism and expect not to see its Constitution polluted, its traditions abused, and its consciousness of the surrounding world manipulated ultimately out of all realistic shape.”
    The US ruling elite, complicit or in fact largely one with the British elite, actively nurtured, funded, and otherwise supported the rise of “Central European fascism”: bringing these people over and working with them after the war was almost a given. The Nazis learned their eugenic “science” from the British and the Americans (see “War Against the Weak” by Edwin Black) — whose practice with mass murder of and reservation policies toward the Native Americans was much admired by Hitler. The point being: our Constitution and traditions had already long been polluted.

  14. joe on January 30, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    This site is awesome!Thanks so much. I was wondering if in your research you have come across the nazi “black flame” as relating to DID, MPD and SRA (multiple personality disorder etc.) I believe these techniques of mind control (demonic possession) was imported to the U.S. via paperclip scientists (under the guise of creating super soldiers when in reality being a Pandora’s box).
    Thanks for your time

    • Joseph P. Farrell on January 30, 2011 at 8:41 pm

      No I have not come across any of this material (at least in sources that I would consider to be reputable).

  15. Justina on January 30, 2011 at 4:16 am

    I have always thought, that there should be a sequel
    to The Boys From Brazil, e.g., The Further Adventures
    of The Boys From Brazil, centering on the (now older)
    Bobbly Wheelock, a good candidate for being a
    psychopath of some sort, and his getting together with
    some of the others. Maybe for more dramatic effect,
    some one of them rejects evil of any sort, and maybe
    two of them are constantly hunting each other as
    rivals to be the new fuerher, stuff like that.

  16. ken sendo on January 30, 2011 at 2:01 am

    this is my first comment to the blog — first introduced to Joseph’s body of works via Coast to Coast interview with George Noory (ref Roswell and the Reich), which led to almost full library of JPF works and will take the advice and order the LBJ book through the site.

    having yet to read LBJ… book referenced in this thread, my response will be more subjective, albeit sparked by references made by others already. connections starting with my family and later in my travels and studies have some subtle and enigmatic links to the Josephs and others in depth research of the Nazis re technology, politics, economics and so on.

    now i will just recall my own father, who served in US Army for 22 years, much of it centered in southern Germany, the details most of which will ever remain a mystery. he was an officer in the CIC (America’s “secret” army), later to become Army Intelligence. in practically all those years he never wore a uniform, nor was his rank publicly known, only being referred to as S/A or Special Agent.

    these memories include my own early childhood during the mid 1950’s living at Army post at Stuttgart to his later postings alone in early 1960’s ostensibly based in Wurzburg, Bavaria, trained and fluent in German and Czech language. though he never brought his work home, so to speak, i cannot but wonder what role he played as a cog in the post WWII intelligence machine all those years.

    unfortunately he passed away before i could ever sit with him as adult to perhaps probe that history with him or be able to introduce him to Joseph’s prodigious works, which became available to us from the mid 00’s.

    though of half-German ancestry myself, since my youth, direct mystical experiences early on led to my interest in the Oriental and Indian linguistic, history and philosophical studies and 27 years living in Asia, based mostly in Japan, India and Singapore. this brought me into another level of contact with teachers and friends connected directly or indirectly to the Asian side of WWII on both sides, including some of the Indian freedom fighters, who chose to ally with Germany and Japan in their own struggle for independence.

    as such i find Joseph’s roots in early studies in Theology and Philosophy a resonate connection and in no way incompatible with later research in history, politics, and physics as all play a role in deeper understanding of our individual and consensual perception of reality.

  17. Andy scott on January 29, 2011 at 6:55 pm

    It would be fantastic if a film or documentary were done based on your books joseph, i can see the title now CLOSE ENCOUTERS AND THE THIRD REICH

    • Joseph P. Farrell on January 29, 2011 at 8:17 pm

      lol…cool…I would like that too!

  18. Bruce on January 29, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    QUESTION: your bookstore shows the LBJ book available “for PRE-order.”
    If you go directly to Amazon’s site, same thing.

    I have “PRE-ordered” the book.

    Why are some people able to get the book?????????????

    • Jay-- on January 29, 2011 at 6:26 pm

      Amazon is not the only place to buy books in the USA. Try the publisher during business hours central time.

      Phone: 815 253 6390

      Item code: LCKK

      (I can’t make the same recomendation for Feral House.)

      The book sure appears to be instock at Barnes & Noble online.

      • Joseph P. Farrell on January 29, 2011 at 6:53 pm

        Also, please remember if you order through my website I get a little extra, not much, but a ittle extra… and I truly do need all the help I can get!!!

        • Jay-- on January 30, 2011 at 7:23 am

          Right–however the JP Farrell bookstore appears as a subset of and the LBJ title is not available from Amazon–perhaps it will be in stock there in a couple of weeks.

        • Bruce on January 30, 2011 at 7:13 pm

          FYI: if I have to wait a month or more to get your newly released books if I order them from YOUR website, I doubt that I will be ordering from your website in the future.

          Not trying to be mean, just stating a fact. Believe it or not, some folks want to get their hands on your latest book ASAP !!

          I’m sure I have no idea about the logistics of releasing books, and yet, in this day and age, I see no reason why there should be a delay between “sellers” when releasing a book in this country.

          • Joseph P. Farrell on January 30, 2011 at 8:40 pm

            It is no faster or slower from my site than from anywhere else.

  19. Gary Hunter on January 29, 2011 at 10:27 am

    I hope Dr. Farrell will forgiveme if I ask questions or exert perceptioins that are or have been covered in his books. My only excuse is I am a victim of the current economic chaos. What has always bothered me about the Oswald component of the JFK assasination is why no one’s BS detectors were set off immediately by the fact that Oswald DEFECTED to the Soviet Union, bearing radar secrets, and then was allowed to return to the United States(!), with a Russian wife, no less. This information was fairly readily available to the public, but the finer details of his military background were not. To anyone who has bothered to dig deeper than the official story, and to Dr. Farrell’s audience, this becomes obvious: He was a patsy (self-proclaimed), or perhaps more accurately an expendable double agent. But to me, just the simple fact that a traitor was allowed to resume citizenship in the U.S. should have triggered some serious questions early on. My take on LBJ’s role has up to this point always been that he was not the lead player, despite the suspicions of the few questioning members of the public and the sheer logicality. He seemed to be the all-too-willing host of the venue more than the person(s) with the sharpest axe to grind. Factoring in that JFK was trying to create “peace forever” by having recurrent conversations with Kruschev to deescalate tensions and facilitate cooperation between the two countries, this obviously posed a problem for the MIC and investors in such.
    When you also add in the rogue CIA component (Operation 40 group), Nixon and Bush, the Nazi seeding of the CIA, it forces you to ask the rhetorical question “Who really won WW2?” Perhaps I am just rephrasing the implicit questions and overall purpose of Dr. Farrell’s works, but this has to be some of the most bone-chilling history ever uncovered. Everyone who loves this country, myself included in no doubtable way, is familiar with the crafted iconic image of the U.S. as the land of freedom, economic opportunity, justice, all of the other positive imperatives. But when you grab ahold of the thread of interconnectedness, say arbitrarily starting with Tesla, and start pulling, this whole image comes apart like a cheap suit, to use an overworked cliche. As a consumer of research, and not a primary data researcher, I offer the highest praise to Dr. Farrell for the amount of research and prolific writing he has given that demonstrates the complex interrelationship of the spectrum of subjects he has engaged. The totality of these subjects should be of concern to anyone not wearing their patriotic blinders. Sorry for the verbosity of the post. I pen my hopes that the long overdue paradigm shift is at hand.

    • Tim on February 1, 2011 at 6:31 am

      Yep. And down here in Australia the slogan went ” All the way with LBJ” when sycophantic Australian politicians again brought in conscription to fight other peoples’ wars.

  20. chris stibrany on January 29, 2011 at 8:00 am

    That is certainly chilling stuff.
    Is the location and activities of current descendants of these fascists and their colleagues known as well as the cold war information?

    I am reading LBJ and the C to K K now and I must say despite my bias for conspiracy over physics as a topic, I am enjoying it more than any of your books except SS Brotherhood and Nazi International. I think it is more exciting. I really did love the 2 Feral house ones too but they arent as engaging as reads.
    Keep it up! 🙂

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