Well, NASA's Viking Probe - yea that's the one that went to Mars and photographed the Face - is in the news again:

Sort of makes one wonder, doesn't it?

Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. Larry on January 3, 2012 at 4:24 pm

    To MattB( Jan 11, 2011):
    Incredible as it may seem, the universe( read, cosmos) has no age, and yes, the big bang IS flawed in that in an expanding cosmos one must wonder how any matter( or antimatter) can blueshift! The guestions the “experts” should be asking are: a) What causes redshift? b) What causes blueshift? And when one knows why, one will realize that they are one and the same, regarding cause and affect, that is; one cannot exist without the other. But the answer will not be found in current physics. What am I saying? Einstein’s thinking is constrained to A particular galaxy, and does not hold up when applied to extra- galactic physics. Don’t believe me? Andromeda, sweet woman, or should it be,

    In absolute terms, Energy is a lot more than c- squared!! No lie!! Get out of the mire and, think!!

  2. Larry on January 3, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    Did I say Sphink? I reckon so, but the spelling may be more appropriate regardless of my error; especially in light of the many variations of interpretation, and the pun IS intended. Look in your car mirror, what does it say? Then look through your windshield; there should also be writing there, in larger print! Big, blue writing; now think about the head on the Sphinx, it is the head of a woman, and her name is VIRGO! No lie! But it is facing the wrong direction; you see, one can only understand if you are on the outside, looking in, or, if you truly understand.Either way, there will be no remembrance of the past, just as they will have no remembrance of us.

    In parting, infinity can easily be imagined, but, the inverse of infinity cannot, just as one cannot understand the mind and will of GOD, no matter how intelligent one thinks he is.

    Eccls. 12:13 &14

  3. Larry on January 2, 2012 at 11:21 am

    Re: Giza Pyramid Complex
    It is an enigma of such proportions, as is the Sphink; but the Sphink reveals more of itself just by reading the definition as offered by Merriam Webster’s 10th Collegiate dictionary.
    I will not go into the details as you most probably would not believe me anyway, but I will tell you that the entire complex is a warning, a prophecy, a determination almost beyond comprehension, and last but most certainly not least, a testimony to God almighty. To understand it requires one to look and think with an unfettered mind. What do you see? What should you see? No, that can’t be! Are you kidding me? How could that have been known long ago(and far away)?
    If you see “it”, and I mean, IF, you will be awestruck! But perhaps you shouldn’t look too hard; keep your head in the sand and keep watching football. UFC and Nascar, it’s easier on one’s brain.No lie.

  4. Justina on January 15, 2011 at 5:45 pm
    “Calaveras Man: this was a modern skull discovered in 1866 in California in Pliocene deposits (2 to 5 million years old). A few scientists did believe it genuine, but it was always widely considered to be a hoax. Personal testimonies and geological evidence indicate that it is probably a modern Indian found in nearby limestone caves, and that it was planted as a practical joke by miners. Tests have shown it to be recent, probably less than 1000 years old. (Dexter 1986; Taylor et al. 1992; Conrad 1982)”
    that photo shows rather pronounced brow ridges. in fact, I have seen something
    like this on living humans a couple of times.

    This site is to debunk such claims, but my interest here in this, is that IF the
    skull is modern times, but pre modern partial looks, this points to late existence
    of something more like homo habilis than “modern.” homo habilis skulls look
    like precursors to CroMag rather than Neanderthal or australopithecus which
    I think were supposedly their contemporaries. Stratigraphy cited is a problem,
    because of the tendency to date strata by fossils already assumed to be of a
    certain age, and then vice versa so it is circular reasoning.

    not unlike some archaeological finds that were assumed male because of
    weapons with the skeletons, but on closer look at the pelvic features are
    female. this was brought up by the head researcher I forget her name on the
    Pazyryk woman warrior finds. (kurgan culture, so much the worse for Gimbutas’

  5. Justina on January 10, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    wellll, the dino thing is debatable. the layering of sediment and
    whatnot we see, is also evident layered in short order at Mt. St. Helens,
    and there are cases of trees that are UPRIGHT THOUGH MILENNIA
    OF STRATA! not possible unless the strata were all layered at once,
    can you spell The Flood anyone? Besides which, locals in Africa and
    New Guinea recognize dinosaurs in drawings as what they are
    seeing in the jungles today.

    • Bill on January 15, 2011 at 1:54 pm

      Although I have serious reservations of the Big Bang Theory of the origin of the universe dating back 13.7 billion years give or take, I am very satisified that the earth and the rest of the solar system formed up around 4.6 billion years ago, and our earliest homonin ancestors appeared in East Africa about four or five million years ago. Yet, a good case, I think, can be made of the Castenodolo fossils of “anatomically modern humans” in a Pliocene fluvial deposit in Italy which is dated between two and four million years ago as outlined by Cremo and Thompson in their remarkable and voluminous “Forbidden Archeology.” Dr. Tom van Flandern originally posited his planetary explosion event at 3.2 million years ago, and if Cremo and Thompson’s Castenodolo evidence is right, then modern humans have been around for far longer than even textbook palaeoanthropology wherein very ancient modern humans might have witnessed or even had participated in the eradication of a major planet in our solar system, thereby leaving us with a legacy of myths, asteroids, and icy and dusty comets! Then again, there have, no doubt, been massive flood events in earth history: many times from many causes. Your insights, though, are nothing less than awesome, so keep ’em coming!

      • Joseph P. Farrell on January 15, 2011 at 2:11 pm

        Thanks Bill, I appreciate that encouragement. I will try to keep the insights going and sharing them. Thank you again.

        • Bill on January 15, 2011 at 6:05 pm

          Hey Joseph, “Romulan Subcommander” Bill here…Ha! Forgive my lack of online skills, as the previous post was in response to Justina; however, I am in the process of acquiring ALL of your books, which I hold in equal esteem to Richard Hoagland’s “Monuments of Mars,” and Hoagland’s and Bara’s groundbreaking “Dark Mission.” It is my fervent hope that soon an authorship collaboration will be in the works with yourself and Dick Hoagland and Mike Bara! If I may turn your attention to my comment on the “Blatant Commercial” section, despite my lack of “knowing how to post properly,” I’d like to discover HOW I might offer queries to you and to become a contributing member whereby I am very happy to contribute some small monetary donations to your researches which is, in my view, of GREAT importance to all of us who really want to “know what’s on the other side of that hill!” Today, I went down to the local Barnes and Noble in search of “Nazi International,” and “Babylon’s Banksters,” to no avail, so I’m putting in an order for them lickety-split! One short query if I may: The Sangamon/Eemian Interglacial has been said to have ended around 120,000 years ago with the (sudden?) start of the Wisconsin/Wurm III glacial stage. With the end of the glacial stage at around 12,000 years ago, could the 100,000 year Milankovich Cycles be a bit of a “red hering” because the Cosmic War that blew up the planet “Krypton” occurred right at about one hundred twenty millenia ago? The “Giza Death Star” could be this old without too much of a stretch, me thinks! My other possible date would be around 16,000 years ago re Paul A. LaViolette and his galactic superwave theory as a possible catalyst that might cause a solar system wide civilization to collapse into a HORRIFIC cosmic conflict!

          • Joseph P. Farrell on January 15, 2011 at 6:31 pm


            Thanks for the encouraging comments. As for the members’ only section on the website, it’s not up yet, simply because we want to have something in it to offer people, rather than just a monthly newsletter, if you take my meaning. So we’ve trying to build value into that section before posting anything there. There is a paypal donation button, however, on the Home page of the website.

            As for a collaboration with Mr. Hoagland, I have not heard from him in about two months, and I am assuming he’s moved on to other things. I don’t know that for certain, but I’m simply basing my opinion off the fact that I haven’t heard anything.

          • Joseph P. Farrell on January 15, 2011 at 7:13 pm

            PS…. I see I didn’t answer your chronological questions, and frankly, I don’t know the answer to them. My approach with the whole Cosmic War thing has been to pain in deliberately large chronological brush strokes, to leave such questions open-ended as much as possible, so that, as more and more data is correlated or discovered, the fine-tuning can take place. Right now, I don’t think it is possible to fine tune very much for a whole HOST of complicated reasons.

          • MattB on January 15, 2011 at 7:47 pm

            Why can’t the universe be younger and more dynamic than the ‘establishment’ yearn for? The evidence for older has been continually debunked as the model, including the big bang which is the most flawed of all. The paradigm needs to change and ancient texts-religious/historical texts are the key.

            The ‘evidence’ for ‘old earth’ and evolution is ridiculously flawed on so many levels. Why can’t a super civilisation have occurred in a much shorter time frame?

            Rapid advancement over 2-5000 years and then boom! Rebuild again over 6000 years and now we are waiting to boom ourselves again hahah (yes Joseph I understand your non catastrophist view lol)

            Humans have a history of rapid advancement and destruction, why the slow unprovable grind? This is not consistent with human behavior or the material record. This is why the debate over the pyramids and sphinx etc has been so charged-the paradigm of human development must be reappraised.

            Even in our sub conscious thinking we develop rapidly-how many of our sci-fi show have humans behind the 8 ball and always rapidly learning-always advancing on the ‘enemy’ and catching up thousands of years of technology in very short time frames?

            The Nazi Bell is such a case. Rapid movements in physics and thinking. The atom bomb-rapid movements in thinking and technology. The con is the public view that everything happens slowly-that is what these people want us to believe so we don’t rapidly find the reality or any of its possible scientific or theological rammifications.

            What about certain comments from a certain former head of the ‘skunk works’? ‘If you have seen it on Star Trek we have already done it or decided it wasn’t worth the effort”. If this is indeed true-rapid development in 60 years or so.

            Tesla over 100 years ago with ideas that today’s establishment still only dream about.

            You could go on and on with examples that demonstrate short time frames and rapid advancements. Long age, long time long deception.

            The dating systems used in archaeology and paleontology are highly highly dubious and the philosophical underpinnings are even more so.

            There is no philosophical reason to keep pushing things further and further into the past-and the scientific purposes are equally weak.The events could be quite close to our age yet be difficult to interpret because of the nature of the evidence, the interference of political, scientific and high religious orders.

            They are still ancient, they are still old, they are still very different from the ‘standard’ model.

            Something is going on here and there seems to be a clear agenda for it not be understood by the average person.

            Hope non are offended-just asking the question.

          • Joseph P. Farrell on January 15, 2011 at 8:04 pm

            Well that’s what we do here, think out of the box and ask questions.

  6. Justina on January 10, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    okay, so a space faring civilization we don’t know about, incl pre Flood
    perhaps, and the aliens are chickens coming home to roost, literally?
    The variant forms could reflect genetic manipulation to make people
    using DNA of dinosaurs and other critturs, designed for work in
    various unfriendly environments.

    Genesis says that “violence filled the earth and all flesh had corrupted
    its way” or something like that. I think in that old page of mine, in the
    discussion section which you can’t really get into, but type in entry
    numbers at random and you can find some of the posts though I don’t
    know which are for which, I raised the possibllity that pre Flood
    civilization was into genetic manipulation, and that the larger more
    dangerous or more inconvenient dinos were essentially war machines
    animals redesigned to be trouble and let loose on the neighbors.

    First send herds of triceratops to ruin the crops, then t rex to eliminate
    warriors and eat the crop munchers, then deal with them……oops.

    • Bill on January 10, 2011 at 5:36 pm

      Well, all things considered, the evidence tends to be very clear that the dinosaurs were completely gone right at the KT boundary which dates back 65 million years. Their modern relatives, the birds, somehow got thru the iridium, soot, and shocked quartz impregnated boundary layer, but, in any case, I’ve long been convinced that, in the history of anatomically modern humans, spanning perhaps as much as 400,000 years according to some recent Israeli data, there is a very long corridor of real time wherin mankind must have or at least should have been able to achieve heights surpassing the paleolithic stone age which is said to have lasted until around something like ten thousand years ago. After all, an American industrial engineer named Christopher Dunn is utterly satisfied that the Great Pyramid at Giza,as an example, exhibits ADVANCED MACHINING throughout its composite structure all the while recognizing that Egyptologists adamantly maintain that the Great Pyramid was just a pretty and elaborate tomb for King Khufu! Mr. Dunn is recognized as a master craftsman at a very high level, while Egyptologists simply aren’t. Also, me thinks that in the current light of scientific “coherent catastrophism,” Dr. Paul A. LaViolette’s “galactic superwave” theory concomittent with his “zodiacal cipher” idea along with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s “Giza Death Star” weapon hypothesis are very worthy of a closer look!

  7. spiritsplice on January 6, 2011 at 10:18 am

    The truly sad thing is that what they have just admitted is that.they lied about the evidence and no one is going to call a spade a spade. They found organics and then, because of an agenda, ignored it and moved on. This is very reminiscent of the.lie told about the first picture taken of the face. “Isn’t this cute? We room another picture a few hours later and the face was gone.”

    Except that a few hours later the half of the plantet was in darkness. And the next picture taken of the face was many orbits later.

    It is also worthy of note that everyone agreed it looked like a face when the first photo was shown. It was only later, when Hoagland becagn to make waves concerning it, that the story changed and it was said that it just looked like a mountain. In fact, it was so obviously NOT a face.that NASA has repeatedly misrepresented it over.the years….upside down, skewed angles, high pass filters to remove elevation detail, low res MOLA data, intentional blurring of the lower left corner, deliberate orthorectification errors, etc.

    • Bill on January 10, 2011 at 11:19 am

      The scientific community is as agenda driven as any other politic. If I’m not mistaken, NASA still maintains the Face is a product of light and shadow falling at just the right attitude. The late Carl Sagan once said that the scientific method is far from perfect, but it’s the best we’ve got. Well, since we’re so emotion-driven, things like the Monuments on Mars could be a bit upsetting for some. It could mean that there once were space-faring aliens settling on the red planet, or, more likely, in the dim recesses of human prehistory, there once existed a terrestrial space-faring culture still officially undiscovered in distant antiquity, like some tens of thousands of years ago, that had been completely destroyed in some terrible cataclysm.

  8. MattB on January 5, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    Or are we being reconditioned for a ‘there’s life or was life on Mars Jim…just not as we know it”

    “Contrary to 30 years of perceived wisdom, Viking did detect organic materials on Mars,” planetary scientist Christopher McKay, with NASA’s Ames Research Center in California, told Discovery News. “It’s like a 30-year-old cold case SUDDENLY solved with new facts.”

    What if the deception is the ‘life on Mars’ idea itself?

    Just a thought…….

  9. Justina on January 5, 2011 at 10:45 pm

    scroll down to the part on life on Mars. There is a slight error there, where I
    say that this is 1/3 Earth air pressure, it is more like 2/3. Now for the
    really interesting part.

    Remember Alternative 3 and that Mars landing scene? notice the .703 mb
    reading of air pressure? I wrote the following BEFORE I ever saw that.

    And if that landing isn’t real, why does it fit this picture? And that cute little
    mole like moving thing. (or maybe not so cute, maybe it is an aggressive
    predator that will fast gnaw its way up your leg. I don’t know, I never been

    The alternative 3 thing was an April Fools Day joke, but…..the writers
    started getting all kinds of wierd trouble like they had hit on something
    real. Maybe the tape was sent them as a leak, and they took it as a joke
    and wrote the story around it, but it was real….

    Maybe not. Mariner 9 and Viking Orbiters show more atmosphere than Viking Landers do. Clouds NASA says are water appear, that do not form on Earth as altitudes with such low air pressure. THE CAMBRIDGE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EARTH SCIENCE, p. 281 and other sources, show what kinds of clouds form at what elevations, and the pressures there. The Martian clouds are mostly cirrus, cirrocumulus and altostratus types, which on Earth do not form much below 121 millibars. Yet on Mars they are supposedly forming at 2-4 millibars. Is there something wrong with this picture?

    Lowell Observatory was puzzled. Surface pressure is 6.7 to 9.7 millibars. That reads as .0067 to .0097 mb. Move that decimal over, and you have .675 mb., about 1/3 Earth’s sea level pressure. Which is more consistent with the usual Mars to Earth size, mass and gravity comparison charts.

    Assuming fraud, unless the resetting automatically affected everything, only the life relevant readings would be affected. Therefore, the oxygen and CO2 maybe nitrogen readings are wrong, but other elements and ratios might be correct.

    ANOTHER REASON TO THINK THE CO2 READING IS TOO HIGH. the Martian atmosphere only loses 20-25% pressure to CO2 freeze out at the south pole during winter. If the atmosphere is 95% CO2, shouldn’t that pressure drop be more?

    Maybe the Viking equipment was recalibrated. The Viking Project was during The Cold War. Some American agency clique, perhaps long since dead or insane link Better material at More Links! could have sent someone to reset the equipment. Probably kept a record of this, so as to figure correct readings later. This would make Mars look more inhospitable, and slow down Russian exploration. An agent of the late Soviet Union could have done this to slow us down. A Martian could have done it. Some Earth people already there and keeping it a secret could have done this.

    • Bill on January 10, 2011 at 10:57 am

      Another clue to a much higher air pressure at Mars’ surface: bright BLUE skies from, apparently, the horizon to the zenith. At less than 10 millibars of mercury, the sky should turn black as you pan upward, much as here on Earth if you’re at an altitude of about 20 to 30 miles.

      • Justina on January 10, 2011 at 1:37 pm

        wow, I didn’t know that, thanks! that definitely rules out the
        7 milibar level NASA gives!

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