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January 7, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

I am reading a book right now entitled A Mosque in Munich by Ian Johnson, and have to say, I was stunned - and yet, not surprised at all - when I read the following passage:

"In 1956, Gerhard Von Mende received a memo from Theodor Oberlaender, head of the West German refugee ministry, outlining an important national goal, one that required help from an unlikely source: Munich's Muslims. West Germany was home to thousands of emigres, Oberlaender wrote, but many had been recruited by foreign intelligence groups such as Amcomlib. This could not be allowed  to continue, he said, because West Germany needed these same Muslims. One day soon Communism would fall, and they would return home to be future leaders of their home lands. There, they would help achieve West Germany's supreme foreign policy goal: reunification with East Germany and the recovery of vast stretches of German land lost to Poland and the Soviet Union after the war." (Ian Johnson, A Mosque in Munich, p. 91, emphasis added).

This literally leaped off the page at me to such a degree that I literally trembled when I read it, and had to close the book and set it down. Amcomlib was the CIA front organization that ran Radio Free Europe, and Radio Liberty, beaming radio broadcasts into Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union respectively. Both were primary propaganda tools during the Cold War. So note carefully the first point: West Germany was concerned to wrest control over the emigre Muslims away from Amcomlib, for whom many of them worked, and return them to German control.

I say "return them to German control" because many of these people had fought with the Wehrmacht in specially organized Muslim units. The units were deployed on the Eastern Front, and were part of a German effort to employ the sizaeble Muslim minorities in Stalin's Russia in an attempt to weaken and eventually crack the Soviet Union apart. Leading this effort was the Nazi Muslim scholar, Gerhardt von Mende, a principal player in the Nazi "Ostministerium," the branch of government running these efforts.

What interests me, and it should interest you, is the fact I detailed in The Nazi International, namely, that the Nazi contact with radical Islam began before the war and continued through it, and that there was a considerable hand of Nazi influence in the organization of the "international terrorists' summit" in Nationalist Spain that occurred three decades after the war, a summit "chaired" by Hitler's "favorite commando," SS colonel Otto Skorzeny, whom, you'll recall, was married to the daughter of Hitler's Reichsbank president, Hjalmar Schacht, who in turn ended up working for Aristotle Onassis (another player in this sordid story, but, alas, that's an altogether different story). Skorzeny, and other SS officers and former Wehrmacht officers were in turn part of the West German contingent sent to Egypt in the aftermath of Nasser's coup against King Farouk, ostensibly under the auspices of the CIA. There, ties between Nazism and radical elements of Islam, represented by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Al Husseini and his cousin, Yassir Arafat, were cemented.

And what do we have at the end of this process? Why, we have a reunified Germany (which, it will be recalled, had considerable "help" from "extreme right wing elements" in the former East Germany that were clearly being coordinated from Chancellor Kohl's government in Bonn), and we have of course the crackup of the former Soviet Union and the establishment of several Muslim states in central Asia, and ongoing problems between Russian and Muslim elements in Chechnya.

It does make one wonder... what dots need to be connected between 1956 and A Mosque in Munich, and modern events. Whatever dots there may be hidden away in the classified files of the CIA and, for that matter, the German Federal Archives, my bet is, they're not good....