UFO - Unidentified Flying Objects


February 6, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

The article linked below fascinated me for a number of reasons.

Northrop Grumman\'s unmanned airship program completes critical design review

The article notes that these blimps are to be surveillance platforms, and one can only assume that they will also become platforms for weapons eventually, if they are not already.

But that's not what fascinates me about the article. What fascinates me are the potentials that this once-obsolete and now-revived technology represents. We all remember those triangle-shaped, silent hovering UFOs that appeared over Belgium (and more recently, over areas of Illinois and Missouri), that sparkled with lights, gliding effortlessly and silently over the landscape during the night, and then, zipped away. Many people have reported seeing these craft so to my mind there's no question that they exist.

The first thing that struck me about those sightings - and this article - was how ideal a blimp or dirigible would be for a silent, "hovering" platform. Of course, both types of airship do use propulsion systems and in normal circumstances they are noisy affairs. So how to account for the silence of the hovering "UFO triangles" not to mention the enormous size reported for some of them? This set my mind to thinking in terms of combinations of technologies, along the lines of engineer Thomas Valone's Electrogravitics Systems: Reports on a New Propulsion Methodology.

This book was the source for the idea, circulated on the internet almost as soon as the B-2 Stealth Bomber's existence was publicly revealed, that the aircraft used an advanced form of propulsion, using its jet engines as electrical generators, and charging its exhaust negatively, while charging the leading edge of the aircraft positively. This would create a charge differential around the craft, argued Valone, and make a kind of "Virtual gravity well" in front of it, the aircraft acting like an electrical surf board and literally riding the wave it was creating while electrically reducing drag effects.

An interesting idea, and one that might be of relevance here, for what if these triangular UFOs that have been so often seen and reported, are some advanced form of blimp or dirigible, using not the normal propeller-driven propulsion systems, but some spin-off of this electrical technology, charging the leading and trailing edges of the craft with positive and negative charges? Similar charge differentials between the upper and lower surfaces would create vertical motion. Size, really, is no problem, especially for the rigid-framed airship, the dirigible. One need only remember the sheer size of the German Hindenburg.

A fanciful idea, to be sure, but one that does give one pause. Might we be looking - with the public revival of the airship in military applications - at only the tip of a very large iceberg of who-knows-what being done in black projects? Might we be looking, in the strange triangular UFO sightings, at a combination of very new technologies, with very old ones? It is, I think, an idea at least worth considering.