February 13, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Here's one that probably didn't make it into the SeeBS evening blues with Dan Blather rathering away aimlessly:

Chinese Hackers Hack into Energy Multinationals

(OK ok... I know... Dan Blather has long since rathered away into retired obscurity after presiding over the worst ratings plummet SeeBS had ever seen, and that dates me, I suppose, to the period I last watched television with anything like regularity  (who are all these people on now!?!?)).

This story is significant, for in my opinion it speaks volumes about the aims and targets of Chinese espionage, and that in turn speaks reams about who the Chinese government considers to be its real long-term threats. Those multinational energy companies are at the zenith of their power and influence over the policy-making of the Western nations, China's principal competitors not only on the world markets, but its principal competitors for the world's energy supplies, of which China is fast becoming the major consumer. The activity also heralds another disturbing possibility, and that is that China continues to develop its cyber-warfare capabilities in waging "asymmetrical warfare" against those same competing interests.

To a certain extent we cannot fault the Chinese government for this; those same Western geopolitical and economic interests plunged China into cultural division and drug addiction and eventually, a complete breakdown of Chinese political cohesion in the nineteenth century, a breakdown that invited the Japanese invasion in the twentieth century. The Chinese know the tactics, strategies, and family names of those interests as well as we do, if not better. (And, by the way, so do the Egyptians: let's not forget the role that the CIA - and the Nazi International - played in the overthrow of King Farouk and the installation of the current regime from Nasser through Sadat to Mubarak.)

To me, then, this story is just one more small indicator that the Western oligarchs are racking up enemies - powerful ones, ones with long memories - at an alarming rate, and that they are not the omnicompetent, omniscience, omnipotent cabal that many make them out to be.