OK folks, by popular demand (well, sort of), here is the cover to Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men.  I thought on this Friday's first and hopefully successful members' only video and text chat that we'd talk a little about this book, what's in it, and what's not in it, and how it all "fits"(which, hopefully, it does).

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  1. In one of the recent Ancient Aliens programs on TV, it was reported that mica, which is a natural, very bright, reflective material, was found in the pyramids at Giza and I believe in So. America, and was not native to the building sites- do had to have been brought to the building sites intentionally and from a distance. I believe I’ ve heard it was used on the surface of the cap of the Great Pyramid. Mica reflects heat as well as light, so there was speculation that the pyramids were used as energy conductors as well as beacons.

  2. G’Day Joseph:
    Well I’ve just finished GGM&M and I am speechless. I’ve read over 40 books on the sudo ET/UFO issue but this book takes it to another level.

    Your analasis is mind boggling and may I congratulate you on an historic book. I just wish that ZS was here to read it.

    I’m awaiting “Grids” and I hope it comes today.

    Once again my compliments…..KL

  3. I’m actually listening to you right now on the radio. I cannot tell you how much of everything that you’ve just said is something that I’ve been already thinking on my own. I’m absolutely going to read the book. And I agree with the upper comment, the cover of the book looks really cool, good choice! 🙂

  4. I like the new cover. Much more expression in this than on the original design In my opinion.

    Kind Regards

  5. Dr. Farrell, have you considered the possibility, that our “cousins” you
    suggest might be out there, were themselves the product of human
    monstrous DNA experimentation, suiting them for various tasks, that
    eventually involved enough human DNA that they were effectively
    human although weird looking, and fertile? That all intelligent (so to
    speak)life may have originated on Earth after all? That means that
    ET however many millennia living offworld, perhaps in some cases
    with no knowledge of origin except their homeworlds, descend
    from human stock, modified by some pre Flood mad scientists?

  6. I will be there, it sounds fascinating I’ve already pre-ordered this book, and look forward to Friday.

  7. Looks GREAT! Naturally, the one and only weekend that I WON’T be home is this one. Will the session be recorded for those of us who can’t be there live?

  8. Hi Dr. Joseph Farrell, i already ordered this book thru your website, and i’m re-reading all your books as their chronological order, due to the fact i need to understand much better physics theories, concepts and so on… Then when your new book will be available to me, i even want to translate it for myself while i read it, as a way to compreheend this special one, so i the end i may offer to you something else besides being an fan of your academic work. I thank you for all your patience and attention with me. Thanks!

  9. he’s got glass on the brain. remember the crystal cities on the moon?
    more likely sandstone layer on the face, like used to make the
    Great Pyramid almost glow.

    1. Five, four, three, two, one….what? Follow the science; perchance you might understand the significance of ALBEDO; wherein manufactured structures will always OUTSHINE anything made in nature? This is a mathematically correct statement, as it is a sign of concious intelligence; no, I don’t believe for a moment that Richard C. Hoagland has “glass on the brain;” this man is a “free thinker” who has the intellectual integrity to “see the BIG PICTURE by thinking “outside the box,” as it were, as does others, such as Dr. Joseph P. Farrell and even the late Charles H. Hapgood: we are truly privileged to have folks who can truly ENLIGHTEN the rest of us; that is truly “the human experience,” isn’t it?

      1. A free thinker can sometimes come up with crazy stuff, along with the
        good stuff. and the point about manufactured things outshining natural,
        if correct, would be another reason to doubt the glass cover idea.

        Hoagland and another genius I forget his name, on the same sort of track,
        suddenly fell into crazy obsessions that effectively discredit the rest of
        their work, and I think the ideas were the result of telepathy and a spell.
        To accomplish just such discrediting. (Less potential blowback than
        murder, when someone is onto something, as Hoagland and this other
        guy were.)

        In the other case, it was the loud assertion that the rings of Saturn
        consist of giant space worms, and their poop. this from an otherwise
        normal scientist, who was getting too close to something. Hmmm. I’d
        better go look that up and look into what he was onto before he fell
        into that barrel of worms.

  10. Nicely done, Joseph! When the book becomes available, I’ll run, not walk, to get three copies; one to be a gift to a geologist friend of mine! Till then, “Open the pod bay doors, Hal!” Postscript: Last night, I viewed a video on UFOTV wherein Richard Hoagland showed the very high albedo signature of the eastern side of the Face at Cydonia taken at predawn at 4:39 in the morning. Showing a lot of rectilinear detail, and Mr. Hoagland’s suggestion that the mirror bright reflectivity indicates a lot of GLASS paneling used in the construction! Lots of large buildings in modern cities use glass paneling. Other structures in Cydonia showing like features. “Smoking Gun” evidence, in my opinion, on structures that likely were amongst the Cosmic War victims!

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