1. As for the people, I found them to be cultured, elegant, passionate and in the big cities quite aware of the the outside world.

  2. Actually, they are actively learning English and German. I have emailed Joseph before with what I saw when I was in China last year-amazing!

    Most of the cars on the roads in the big cities awere BMW, Audi,Volkswagon and Skoda. I struggled to see a car more than 5 years old.

    They are building enormous autobahns that stretch to the horizon,Maglev trains built by Siemans that travel between 400-500kmph are criss crossing the country. They are building building building.

    It gets a little rougher in the country (and yes the Gov does hid the negatives), but I can only say that the Chinese are BOOMING.

    They have realised that copying the great ideas of others is more efficient than stuffing around-and there were Germans everywhere!!!!

  3. Interesting. I saw the article some time back and immediately thought of the report of the Chinese seeking help from people in India in decoding ancient writings describing the construction of vimana or similar craft and related propulsion systems.

    This obvious interest in such technology in addition to their debt-free money policies invites clear comparisons to Nazi Germany. Unfortunately, it also leads to thinking about some very serious consequences, such as a major conflict. (WW 3?)

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