11 thoughts on “NEWS FROM THE “NEFARIUM” FEB 3 2011”

  1. thanks donna for posting the Revelations link. Im a subscriber there and with all the info there its easy to miss things. I am going to find this interesting im sure. 🙂 thanks again!

  2. Joseph, thank you for this fireside chat. I’ve been craving information about Egypt and did hear one tantalizing snippet. William Henry mentioned in his Revelations show that while leading a tour in Egypt the week before all hell broke loose, a British man said something like, “Wait until you see what happens next week” (http://www.unknowncountry.com/revelations/latest).

    Also, in the spirit of Babylon’s Banksters, I’ve been obsessing lately about the biblical story of Joseph and Pharaoh, their oppressive economic policies, modern and ancient grain shortages, and the symbols (calling Mubarak “Pharaoh” and looters “ripping the heads off of mummies”) that seem to be speaking to us.

    Get well soon!

    1. Joseph and Pharoah did not engage in oppressive economic policies.
      Read that again. God warned Pharoah in a dream of seven years
      of plenty followed by seven years of famine.

      If Joseph had not interpreted the dream, and Pharoah not followed
      the policy of ordering massive saving up of grain and dryable
      produce, then not only would Egypt have starved to death, but
      many other people who came to buy grain, from neighboring lands
      impacted by the drought and famine not only in Egypt, would have
      died also.

      That Pharoah consolidated some power, which made for more
      efficiency in the long run, is irrelevant. And the issue of paying for
      the grain, well, did not the growers probably get paid something
      for the far in excess of normal royal share aka taxation they
      provided? most likely.

      What do you want? your pride or your life? As long as bodily
      integrity regarding sex, or the issue of loyalty to the true God
      who is YHWH part of Who is Jesus Christ are not compromised,
      or compromise being attempted, or severe cruelty, what else matters?

  3. Well, in yesterday’s pitched battles it was the Muslim Brotherhood who manned the front lines…In this context, ‘social justice’=sharia.

    To me this is shaping up more and more i like the Iranian Revolution–which began as a liberal pro-democracy campaign. I remember back then as a college student talking to Iranian students working for the overthrow of the Shah and pushing for a Western style democracy. There was not an Islamic fundamentalist among them.

    US ‘diplomacy’ is also looking more like Carter II than not..

  4. Dr. Farrell: While I do appreciate your ‘too much information’ non-disclosure of your health problem, my thoughts (and I’m sure the rest of your readers) are for a QUICK remedy for your illness.

    A few days ago, I purchased Jim Marr’s “The Fourth Reich” on audiobook via iTunes and it is a delightful way to absorb the information presented – especially when one has read just one too many books on the subject ! In any case, your work is mentioned many times in “The Fourth Reich” of which leads me to another question.

    Is it in the realm of possibility that your books could be presented in audiobook form in addition to the hardcopies? If that were the case, I’m positive I’d buy each one of them if the right orator was chosen as to present your material in the way that would be 100% acceptable to you. Plus audiobooks free up your hands and if you don’t understand any part of the material, you simply replay it. Gotta love the technology!

    Anyway, it’s just a thought but it would be a dream come true to many of your readers.


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