Babylon's Bankers


February 17, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well folks, it's begun - finally. One state lawmaker in South Carolina is fed up with the fed

One State Lawmaker Fed up with Fed

While I wholeheartedly support the idea of getting rid of the Federal reserve, I have misgivings about the idea of a commodity-backed currency, such as a currency on the gold standard, for all the reasons noted in the article. Let's get it through our heads, folks, once and for all: real money is a receipt on the goods and services of the nation issuing it; it has nothing whatsoever to do with gold or any other commodity. As such, real money can only be issued by a state, in this case, South Carolina. The facsimile of money- you know, that stuff called "notes" that your local parasitic banker like JP Morgan Chase, hands you - is nothing but debt notes circulated as money.

I have no doubt that South Carolina's legislator is but the first of many, that the move to local currencies is a trend that will increase as people increasingly create their own solutions in the face of institutions that - like the Mubarak regime in Egypt - are simply unresponsive to the people and continuing to live in their own Rockefeller-induced fantasy world. Can we saw Zbigniew Brzezinkski here?

Now, speaking of J.P. Morgan Chase, well, consider just this one:

JP Morgan Chase & Madoff

Surely we cannot believe a reliable bank like JP Morgan-Chase, so long associated with those stallwarts of the American work ethic, the Morgans and Rockefellers, would resort to fraud? Well. considered that they were major players in the creation of the Federal Reserve, I'll leave the conclusions up to you...