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March 27, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

This is an interesting article of speculation about the "earthquake boom" and its possible relation to scalar physics:


What interests me here is another possibility hinted at by the article besides the accompanying "booming" sound, and that is its general premise that the recent spate of earthquakes were brought about by scalar waves. Anyone who has read my books knows I am entirely open to the possibility of such waves and physics. Then there are those who have argued that the recent Japanese earthquake is the product of HAARP or, alternatively, of some sort of scalar technology, and certainly I am open to the possibility, though I tend to point to anomalies with the nuclear reactor and some bizarre aspects of the quake itself as being curious. Additionally, Japan's recent political turn and moves to me provide the most interesting context from which to view the idea that its quake may have been artificially induced.

Within the wider circle of "earthquake watchers" there are those - this author included - who have had major suspicions about the Haiti and Chile earthquakes. Here again, my suspicions, like those surrounding the Japan quake, were in part political-economic, and partly technological. In the case of the Chile earthquake, a quake of similar magnitude to that in Japan, I pointed out a number of times in various interviews that one could have at least expected a similar tsunami as hit the Hawaiian Islands. But we were "disappointed" in that respect. It was the curious lack of such a signature that for me was one of the things suggesting a technology was in play in Chile.

In the case of the political scenario, I suspected then, and still do now, that the region of Chile hit by the earthquake was also strongly suggestive of a kind of covert "earthquake war" for that region was, of course, one of the regions most heavily inhabited by our good friends, the postwar Nazis. Which brings us to Haiti. There too, I had my suspicions. The island suffered a devastating earthquake, yet we heard then and now almost nothing of whether there were any felt shocks in the neighboring Dominican Republic. Again, an earthquake of that magnitude should have produced something by way of signatures in the surrounding region. Yet we heard...nothing.

Again, I suspected a political context, for Haiti was a major offshore transfer point for those banks and corporations of the Anglo-American elite shunting funds to and from the Americas. So I suspected, given all these weird dots, that there might be connections, and that someone might have indeed deliberately caused the Haiti quake, that someone being, perhaps, the postwar Nazi International, as I like to call it, with the Chile quake being the Anglo-American elite's response. Then, of course, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez weighed in on Russian TV and said essentially the same thing: that the USA was causing it all with its HAARP like technology.

And that brings us to Japan. Let us suppose, for the sake of argument, that this tragedy was artificially triggered. As ghastly as that is to contemplate, it forces us to think a bit, and it knocks my previous speculations concerning Chile and Haiti into a cocked hat. I have suggested, for example, in previous posts that the strongest arguments for the Japan quake emanate, not from peculiarities in the seismology (and there are some), nor from the odd "coincidence" of HAARP having been turned on before the quake, nor from the just downright nonsensical placement of the nuclear reactors so close to the shore with inadequate seawall protection, &c.

It was the political context that intrigued me the most: the recent Japanese elections, in which the grip of its postwar ruling party - basically a shill for the Anglo-American elite's corporate interests - was overturned. That was quickly followed by the unheard-of visit of Emperor Akahito to Beijing, a visit that to my mind must have sent geopolitical shock waves throughout the corridors of corporate and government analytical agencies in Europe and North America. Then came the Japanese government's "request" to the USA to remove or move its base on Okinawa.

In a world increasingly resentful toward that Anglo-American New World Order ilk, and to an America quickly managing through its constant imperialism to lose its few remaining powerful friends and losing its grip on geopolitical realities, the Japanese moves were obvious: Japan was breaking away from that Trilateral orbit and realigning with the other Asian powers. That the Anglo-American elite could not have.

So (the artificial earthquake scenario would run), the Anglo-American elite sent Japan a message with the earthquake, a message so devastating that (one can imagine them thinking) the Japanese government would look incompetent and a more amenable pro-western government might re-assume power.

But then came the tsunami, which, unlike the Chile earthquake, did reach Hawaii and even the northern coasts of California. And that threw my speculation into a cocked hat, for if the Anglo-American elite (following out our speculation here), did cause the Japan quake, why did it not use its "earthquake technology" to damp the effects in Hawaii? That would have made the presumed "message" sent to Japan even more clear. Yet, this was not done, and this tends to point the finger away from the Anglo-American elite.

Then a further problem to analysis arises, for Japan is one of the biggest purchasers of US treasuries... in other words, Japan helps keep the ponzi scheme of the US Federal Reserve and the Anglo-American elite going. Why would they want to strike a blow, indirectly, at themselves?

So...following out the "reasoning" a bit, that would seem to indicate that someone else may have been involved, if indeed the Japan tragedy was artificially induced, or even if someone "tweaked" a natural even and occurrence. The bottom line is this: I remain, of course, open to the idea or possibility that the whole event included some artificial component, some aspect of deliberate technological action and deployment. But if so, for me, the question then becomes the classic ones of Who had the means, Who had the opportunity, and most importantly, who had the motive? My point is this: given all these things,  we may not be looking at the actions of the Anglo-American elite after all, if indeed the quake was artificial. For now, we have to collect a veritable mountain of data concerning the quake itself, its epicenter, the tsunami, the nuclear plant, the Japanese response, and the wider political and economic context. We're going to be at this a while, folks!

See you on the flip side.