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March 25, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

The following is a rather thoughtful article concerning the concept of "full spectrum dominance," the current hidden military and policy doctrine of the USA:

Full Spectrum Dominance

While I do not often visit this site, the article is a very revealing interpretation of recent events, if, albeit, a rather one-sided one.

It is that one-sidedness that disturbs me, for we seem to be locked into the idea that the Anglo-American elite, the New World Order, or whatever one wishes to call "them," are omnipotent, omnicompetent, and that their plans are always destined to succeed.

Well, I am an adherent of "the old school" when it comes to this type of geopolitical analysis, and it seems to me that it is an inevitability of human nature that whenever one group, no matter how powerful or competent they may be (or think themselves to be... think "Nazis" here), inevitably the attempt by one group or elitist interest to dominate the affairs of the rest of the globe will lead inevitably to a reaction.

Then-Russian President Vladimir Putin was the first to signal that not everything was going the way the New World Order herd wanted it to go by placing a permanent Russian naval base in Venezuela. We may also be assured that the military, intelligence, and "think-tank" resources of Russia and China, just to name two, were fully at work developing counter-plans to the announcement of "full spectrum dominance."

What is illuminating about all of this is that behind the euphemisms of "globalization" and "new world order" and "international cooperation," the same old "game of princes" - geopolitics - is being played on a scale and with technologies never before seen. It isn't the moves of the USA and the Anglo-American elite that now bear watching... it is the moves of their "targets," Russia and China in particular, but to a lesser extent, India, Brazil, and Japan that also bear close watching... it is a strange irony that the "last best hope" for mankind may have passed from the USA to those countries.