March 9, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Genetic researchers in the United Kingdom have made a rather interesting discovery, namely, that the famous Tudor King, Henry VIII, and all his notorious mental imbalance and behaviors, may have been genetically based:

Henry VIII\'s Woes Were Genetic

This article intrigues me for another reason, though, and that is, why were they looking at Henry VIII to begin with? One reason, of course, could be simple historical curiosity: to resolve an historical puzzle through whatever illumination that modern genetics can shine upon a problem, in this case, Henry's bizarre behavior in the last portion of his life, and his irrational mood swings. Those swings, we all know, had a dramatic effect on modern history: the break with the Roman Church, the creation of the Anglican Church, and the laying of the foundations for the British Empire: all this was the result of the influence of the House of Tudor - from Henry to Elizabeth - on English politics and society.

But my intuition - and it is only an intuition at this point - tells me that something more might be going on here than meets the eye, and that is, quiet genetic research into the various major bloodlines of Europe, that the proverbial "They" are looking for something, and, oh yes, along the way, we might find curiosities to dole out to the public along the way, useful curiosities to be sure, but curiosities nonetheless, to cloak the "real" goals of such research.

What we have here is a public admission that some serious genotyping is being done on one of the most influential and famous royal houses of Europe. That in itself should give anyone pause. Are there similar projects going on for, say, the Bourbons, the von Habsburgs, the von Hohenzollerns, the Romanovs? Indeed, could the proverbial "They" be taking DNA samples from the von Hohenstaufens? the Carolingians? Let's not forget, in this connection, what I mentioned in Babylon's Banksters, namely, that curious story that the Rothschild family traces its ancestry to ...well... to Nimrod of all people. While I found no direct corroboration of this assertion, I did mention that some of its twentieth century family members were indeed unusually named Nimrod, and the Rothschild financial empire also includes an investment group called the Nemrod Group.

My intuition, in short, won't go away... I think they're looking for something, and I think they're looking, for starters, in the royal houses of Europe. But I strongly suspect, also, that "They" are also looking elsewhere, in India, and Japan, and in the native Nations of North and South America. My intuition tells me we must watch this activity closely, and keep each other informed.