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I just received this very interesting comment from a YouTube video watcher in response to my last News and Views from the Nefarium. The viewer's name is g777enn, and he or she says the following:

"Japanese experts said they've never seen quake develop like this one. Induction magnetometer noted HAARP fired up on 3/8/11 & ran through 3/12/11. Magnitude has never occurred before. Stuxnet virus active in Japan last fall which could have damaged Reactor control system. USGS I'm told reported the quake occurred 100km from any known fault? Why were 670,000 spent rods stored on premises. HAARP was set at 2.5HZ earthquake creating resonance frequency. PI tabs shipped to S. Korea just prior."

If even half of these statements are true, then we are looking at a very disturbing scenario indeed. I thought I should pass them along to everyone.


    1. That map fro the Navy looks a lot like the classified thing that
      John Moore shows us, I think he got a look at it and remembered
      it, I think someone in turn horked it by memory off of his video,
      maybe mixed some other earth changes maps.

      The picture the videos paint is not incredible, though it might
      go in stages and be less extreme. Reminds me of a medieval
      prophecy about a great land in water where many peoples
      dwell and it gets ripped in half.

      yeah, its credible. Fracking is doing enough damage to ground
      water quality and availability besides, that there are efforts on
      now to stop it by law.

      A case in point about how if there were no govt. intervention
      in how a business is conducted you would have no recourse
      for help.

  1. The Frequency that is named to produce earthquakes, do you feel there is any validity to that number Dr. Farrell? Or is it proof of concept time? 🙂

  2. Nazi and the middle east, too much revolution, too fast gaining too much momentum, convenient earthquake to take attention away, to let it cool a bit… just too pat. I ain’t buying it.

  3. Does the information suggest that elements within Japan have set up the conditions to turn a disaster into a catastrophy – perhaps globally? Nuclear power stations positioned in stupid places, storing of huge amounts of spent rods etc. I was also wondering if, for the sake of argument, it was an artificailly induced earth quake, could they still be using this same technology right now to worsen the conditions at these power plants? I have in mind the energy scientist (can’t remember her name) who has shown some compelling evidence that a directed energy weapon was involved on 9/11.

  4. Thank you, Joseph! They just had 150 since this time last week. At least 4 I know of today. I have thought that there is something happening in Japan (or related) “they” don’t want us to see, therefore the middle east/Libya scenario. If even one of the things that g777enn said is true, this only reinforces my thoughts. Every time that the PTB see us fixated on an event they don’t want to have to explain or want keep other things hidden, there is magically another event developing that just doesn’t seem like it happened naturally, without “outside” assistance. I have this suspicion that “someone” had a hand in trying to make the new event and the old event something to benefit themselves or to manipulate things to their advantage. I have no proof of anything except sometimes things just don’t look right. I’m sure the PTB have plenty of things they wish to keep hidden but it looks like they are losing the ability to keep this under wraps.
    Keep up your fantastic work! I can’t seem to get enough of this!

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