March 29, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

A friend of this site, Thomas Marzac, sent me the following link, and it's one more data point to be considered in any reflection on the crisis in Japan:


One can imagine a similar disaster in this country, and then the National Guard helicopters showing up, and unloading crates stamped "A Gift from the John Gotti Family," proudly proclaiming the Mafia's role in relief efforts.

What intrigues here is the openness with which this is being conducted and carried out. The Japanese Yakuza, like criminal syndicates in most countries, is an intimate part of the parapolitical, or "deep political structure", of Japan, with tentacles connecting it to legitimate business and corporations, and of course, thence to the government itself. So in this, it should not be surprising.

But for those who are following the "artificially induced earthquake" scenario being discussed here and elsewhere, mention of the yakuza will send chills down the spine. Like the Mafia here and such criminal undergrounds elsewhere, the Yakuza is not a "nice group of people." The truly bad news is that according to Lt. Col. (US Army, Ret.) Tom Bearden, well-known proponent of the so-called "scalar" or "quantum potential" physics (his names, not mine folks), the Japanese yakuza acquired, or were given, access to weaponized versions of this technology.

While it is quite imp0rtant to note here that Bearden does not offer any substantiation for this assertion - and he repeated it in a number of his books and publications - the prospect is intriguing to consider for the sake of argument: What would the yakuza have to gain by using such a device against the Japanese people themselves? Well, one thing immediately comes to mind: in the wake of an inept government response to the crisis, the yakuza would appear more competent and organized.

But this seems a rather weak "motive" for their potential involvement. If they were involved - a mighty big if, since we haven't even concluded it was an artificial quake yet - then it is likely they may be acting as catspaws for someone else with the means, and a bigger motive.

See you on the flip side.