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A few days ago I posted a blog about the USAF's robotic space shuttle, the X-37. There's more news about this bit of technology, and it's here:

Officials Anticipate More Flights of X-37 Space Plane

Note that statement in the article that "almost everything the unmanned space plane does while in orbit is classified. All of the research objectives are also guarded by the military." I find all this very disturbing, to say the least, for with the Obama Administration's cancellation of the manned Moon program and the Constellation, and the soon-to-be-retired space shuttle, it appears that the American space program is gearing up - for some reason - for a more military approach and presence in space and space experimentation.

One wonders, too, just exactly what sorts of experiments need to be done in space and that need to be kept classified. We can guess at some: whatever they're doing, they require the zero-gravity conditions of space, perhaps to test new methods of fabrication of materials, the growth of crystals in zero gravity, and so on.

Currently we're told about only two of these vehicles, and their nearly year-long missions. But again, I suspect we may be looking at the tip of a larger iceberg, namely, more of these vehicles than we're being told about, and more of the classified experiments - whatever they are - than we're being told about.


  1. Were have they been hiding this ship a larger version of this could have replace those two white elephants the space shuttle and the Ares 1 and 5 plus that Apollo capsule on steroids Orion the military get all the good stuff. All the Ares program was the Saturn 5 split in two come on it’s been forty years since Apollo. What was needed is a reliable surface to orbit vehicle and the rest wold have a piece of cake. Our man space program would have been more advance and a Lunar base and Mars mission by now what a waste of time and money a dog and pony show for sure. The United States seems to want to play Buck Rogers and Star Wars than join with the rest of the world in exploring space in peace and the development for all the people of this planet.

  2. Could be materials science, biological experiments, energy and weapons work, surveillance, remote weapons use, communications, or a mix. Could be refueling satellites, mapping space junk, leaving space junk (mines), or any number of insanely dangerous things that some military minds are wont to concoct.

    Might be a supply ship for a secret space station. Might transfer cargo to other spacecraft not designed to operate in atmosphere.

    Could also be a dog and pony show not really doing anything, just going up there for a distraction.

    I still have a feeling it is part of a new weapons system combining land based and space-base EM. (No reason, just gut feeling)

    1. interesting possibility about transfer of cargo. there is a fellow who hacked
      into classified computers, looking for UFO related stuff. What he got he
      didn’t copy and keep, and only saw a little. But it included a list of names
      of men who were offworld officers. Some kind of phrasing that leaves no
      option but to see it that way.

  3. I remember this vechicle was in development when I worked down at Johnson Space Center 11 years ago. It was very impressive.

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