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March 26, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

There is a body of speculation already appearing that is suggesting that the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and the nuclear reactor problems resulting therefrom, were the results of a deliberate application of technology. Some of these speculations have incorporated the idea that there are "ritual correspondences" that signal the deployment of this technology by "the elite" (leaving the elite in question carefully unspecified, but one can only assume that the people advancing such arguments mean the Anglo-American bankster-New World Order- global corporatist crowd).

Part of the reasons being advanced for this point of view come from the peculiar fact that the quake/tsunami occurred on 3/11/11. Ritual numerologists look at this date and, adding the last two numbers, come up with the number 3-22, or 322, the chapter number of Yale's infamous "Skull and Bones" Society, the secret fraternity whose membership lists is a veritable roll call of the American elite establishment, of that, there is no question.

But it seems to me that we're far from a voila moment here, or establishing any sort of conclusive case, even a prima facie one. It is to be noted, however, that in the case of such elites, who possess a knowledge of occult and esoteric principles of operation, that one need not advance the case that they deliberately engineer such events with advanced technology. In one sense, they have no need to do so, for it is a principle of such magical operations that they exploit such circumstances to their own benefit, creating the perception that they have the means to do so. The tragedy in Japan may thus have been truly a natural one, but its exploitation by esoterically-informed elites, need not be.

It is, however, also a principle of such magical operations in the social engineering of perceptions, that the magus or magi involved have, at some level, to openly disclose their presence and intention in them. It is here that I am bold to suggest that we have a key clue into deciphering whether or not the operation is that of (1) exploiting a natural occurrence for the management of others' perceptions to gain influence over their will - black magic proper - or whether the operation is that of (2) actually creating the tragedy via the deployment of advanced technology, and then further exploiting that occurrence by the management of perceptions.

There are of course those who have argued, long before the tragedy in Japan unfolded, that such an occurrence would happen, and that it would involve a nuclear disaster, and that it would be the work of the Anglo-American elite. In that context, the revelation of "3-22" does indeed make sense, but it does not establish the case. I therefore suggest that one must look to the political and economic maneuverings of the months immediately prior to the tragedy, and also, to the statements and pronouncements that have occurred and will occur after it.

There the case becomes much more interesting. The recent Japanese elections, and the state visit of Emperor Akahito to Beijing being cases in point. It remains now, for those arguing the case of advanced technology, and ritualism, to watch the statements from leaders and businessmen in Tokyo, Washington, and London very closely.