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Being something of a nightowl every now and then I do what all nightowls do, I run to Wally World for Mr. Pibb and Doritos, browse the movie and magazine racks to see if anything interesting pops out at me. Well, tonight, or rather, this morning, was one of those days that it paid off. Not only is my Dorito and Mr. Pibb supply replenished, but so is my magazine rack.

The magazine in this case is Discover magazine for April, 2011, and in it, a very intriguing article by Adam Piore entitled "Silent Warrior," and the subtext says it all: "The U.S. Army wants to allow soldiers to communicate just by thinking. The new science of synthetic telepathy could soon make that happen."(p. 49).  The technology in view here is a helmet that essentially function like a mind-machine interface. Sensors would then detect signals from areas of the brain associated with thought and speech, and a micro-computer would then "apply pattern recognition to decode those signals and translate them into specific sentences or words, such as 'Enemy left!'" This would in turn be transmitted by radio to another helmet, which would display the transmitted thoughts on a display, and all this "in just the time it would take a soldier to think the message." (p. 53).

The project is headed by a retired Army colonel, Elmar Schmeisser, who holds a PhD in psychology.(p. 51). The project is currently funded to the tune of $6.3 million to acquire the basic science and technology to build the helmet(p. 50).

We are, of course, given bland assurances that all this is part of a much larger project to map the brain and its functions down to the last detail, and that there are benefits to be had from it: stroke victims could be benefited, as could the mute or deaf, who could be made to "hear" or "speak" what they could otherwise not hear or speak.

What I find so disturbing about all this is, of course, the wider implications. Clearly, the military never did quit investigating the techniques of mind manipulation, and let's face it, a helmet capable of reading people's thoughts sounds like something straight out of Norse mythology or a Wagner opera libretto.  Eventually, the technology, if successful, will be pressed to the point of being able to read people's thoughts remotely, and that implies of course the ability for a massive new police state, with literal "thought police."

And we should also be suspicious of that 6.3 million dollar figure as well, for the Discover article also makes it clear that this project is a multi-university affair. We are therefore, in my opinion, looking at what is probably a much larger project than meets the eye, one extending into the black projects world, and a bottomless pit of funding to make the magic helmets of yesterday's mythology the technology of the future.


  1. My mind is being thought process was figured out and hearing process also through the retnea of my eyes with a projectile picure image with a helment on me head. Say pass the bread and butter and never open mouth. Sounds like a echo in my ears in so,much pain and suffering I wish the gov would throw this worthless tech in the trash…im a civilian no military…leave me alone…

  2. mike chi-tau-s

    Dr.Farrell! hello and best wishes for you and your work.
    i was thinking as many others, do you think they placed nuclear facilities near continental shelfs,fault lines or various, with the purpose of precipitating events worldwide eventually? for such intelligent people they cant have made such ridiculously stupid mistakes without an agenda. (thats my job.)
    iraq too i hear.. can you do something on this? thanks again…

  3. Duncan O’Finioan was supposedly chosen at an early age by our secret
    government for a special project that took many years of training to fully
    train him for special assignments. Again, supposedly, his mind was
    scrubbed clean of those memories, but later began to emerge.

    Now in his late forties he can be seen in two Project Camelot interviews.
    Go to that site and over on the right under interviews there is a drop-down
    you can scroll down. They’re filed alphabetically by first name.

    While most all of these interviewers of “whistle blowers” can be intriguing
    the viewer must use discernment here to pick out the BS, fun as they may be.

    They’re is one by a gent named Farrell we know is strictly legit. Have fun.

  4. Interesting concept, also reminiscent of on of my favorite Analog short stories from the 1960’s, called “Gottlos,” about direct mind-machine interfaces with remotely piloted robot tanks.

    Connecting with the “influencing ” or manipulation of various alternative cultural movements, there was this posting today on Slashdot about a dedicated Army project to subvert social media:

    I’ll post it in the thread on that subject as well.

    1. This could also be A Very Bad Idea. Consider how
      much chaos and even inducing friendly fire could
      happen, if sleeper agents were on the ground in the army,
      or if they figured out how to intercept the messages and
      put in fake ones.

      Back to the old issue of security of communications.

  5. Ok. You got me. I actually “Googled” Wally World! And WalMart came up as the first link! Wally World is actually the fictional theme park from National Lampoons Vacation. I had not seen that movie in ages. I forgot that fact! This all made me laugh enough to post about it.

    “What I find so disturbing about all this is, of course, the wider implications. ”

    Oh come on now, we all know the Govt. types behind this research will only be looking out for our best interest. They would never dream of using this research to manipulate us!??!? No, I could never imagine them doing something so diabolical.


    And everything you read on the internet is true. And Grey Aliens landed at Roswell.

  6. I can swear I read a legit (sounding at least) science article that they already had a machine that can read thoughts through an eeg and present them on screen as videos. Ditto for dreams. is this true? Anyone?
    Slgihtly different I know but it reminded me. Thanks for sharing this mr farrell very fascinating.
    There was an interview at where whitley talked with a guy who said he had been already trained as a natural telepath soldier so they could communicate on the battelfield without sound or gear. One would sit in the tree and spot targets and the other would receive pictures of the targets on the ground. Interesting. Guys name was Duncan OFinnean (sp?)

  7. Now, Joseph, what really scares me is the day my wife walks in and says “Honey! look what I found at Walmart! come put in on for a minute eh?”

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