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March 30, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

A number of years ago, in one of his many interviews, my friend Richard C. Hoagland came out with a line that he has since used many times, and rightly so. It is a line whose extraordinary and elegant concision justly and aptly summarizes his decades' research on the Martian surface anomalies and their extraordinary implications: "We may well discover that we are the Martians!"

Well, within the context of his decades of research into the Cydonian and other Martian and solar system anomalies, consider the following intriguing article:

\"We May Well Discover that We are the Martians...\"

Now, while the article is talking about a seeding via a meteor, and then the conventional evolutionary development, the scientific verification of a Martian-Earth connection, even in the evolution of life, would be a startling find.

Yet, while it would tend to provide a wider contextual support to researchers like Mr. Hoagland, Dr. Carlotto, Dr. John Brandenburg, and so many others that were assembled by Mr. Hoagland in the early days of the Mars Research project, and indeed, while it would provide a wider contextual support even to some of my own research (e.g., in The Cosmic War), I doubt very much whether Mr. Hoagland or Drs Carlotto or Brandenburg would take such a scientific find as a wholesale endorsement or confirmation of the wider implications of Martian anomalies research, nor should we. They are much too smart for that.

What it would indicate is that Mars does indeed, as our own ancient legends from Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome suggest, as countless NASA and ESA photos suggest, that there is something peculiar about the Red Planet, and that our past, our future - indeed, perhaps our entire history - is intimately bound up with that planet. Again, I believe that science is calling us, as a planet, as a species, to "do the right thing" here, and to "explore the daylights" out of that planet, and to make the results of that exploration known insofar as they do not involve national or planetary security issues.

All this to say, this is a story worth watching.

See you on the flip side.