March 4, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well the end of an era in Egyptology has come: Egypt's antiquities Tsar, Zahi Hawass, has resigned:

Zahi Hawass Resigns

As I noted in a previous post on this site, there were beginning to be rumblings that Hawass himself was somehow connected to the looting of Egypt's priceless antiquities. While it is far too early to tell whether or not those allegations are true, it will be very interesting to see where - if anywhere - Hawass goes into exile.

Even more interesting now will be who replaces Hawass, or even if there will ever be another "antiquities Tsar" for Egypt.  There are three things in this story, and they all bear close watching as developments unfold:

1) Where Hawass goes;

2) The allegations tying him to the looting; and,

3) Who, if anyone, will replace him.

There's more going on here, I sense, than anyone yet realizes, and I have the gut intuition that the recent uprisings are somehow tied to Egypt's antiquities...and who will ultimately control them.