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Well, here's a little fun. Someone sent me this video that they made, with audio outtakes of interviews on Coast to Coast of various guests, including yours truly:

secret by agenthumanpeacekeeper

It's odd to be associated with other people - John Lear and Bob Lazar in particular - since I have little if anything in common with their ideas, points of view, or assertions. But with Nick Cook, of course, I have a great deal in common with. Anyway, watch, enjoy, and have a little laugh at my expense...

...and how good it was to hear Art Bell again, and recall the "good ole days"....

7 thoughts on “A LITTLE FUN”

  1. hmm…

    maybe some folks do not have a sense of humor… just tried the link and both video and account holder no longer exist.


  2. Good show. Poor Bob Lazar. He’s really taken a beating over the years, but I think he’s the real deal and just had the ill fortune to become a laughing stock
    for the benefit of the Black Ops folks.

    Why if those guys wanted to they could call their counter-parts across the pond
    and whiz-bang, Joseph Farrell no longer has any record of a doctorate from
    Oxford. Or for that matter neither a masters from ORU.

    Once upon a time I was a member of a very exclusive club with the clearance to
    go with it. Those guys can make anything happen. Presto – Change – O and it’s done.

  3. Very cool video. I wish i knew which shows they were from and if i could get them in full length for free online. Sounds like great listening

  4. ha ha great stuff! Something else that makes me chuckle from time to time: your photo on the top left corner looks like you have a halo above your head lol 😉

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