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April 15, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

While we're on the subject of HAARP, it it worth looking at other countries' versions of it, including Japan's:

Japan\'s HAARP

Europe's (namely, Germany's):

Europe\'s HAARP


Russia\'s HAARP're getting the picture.

And this picture is, I submit, part of the problem with arguing that HAARP "Caused" the Japan disaster. It may or it may not have, but there are other countries with such arrays as well, and well may we ask, what were they doing on the date in question? The presence of so many ionospheric heaters - and we may assume other nations such as India, China, and Brazil have their own versions as well - makes the problem of assigning this type of technology as being responsible for the disaster, that much more difficult.

Again, this only drives home to my mind the importance, for those of us who suspect that this whole thing might have been artificial, to dig not only for all sorts of hard data not only on HAARP-earthquake correlations but on other installations' correlations as well, and always to keep a watchful and wary eye on the machinations of the London-New York City corporate predators who will try to taken advantage of the current situation in Japan...

...with that said, look closely as the Japanese postal savings system, and you be the judge...